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    OnePlus 6 Ear Speaker Replacement
    Price US$6.81


OnePlus Replacement Parts

The first product they ever launched, the smartphone is the bread and butter of OnePlus. And that focus has resulted in smartphone devices with specs, performance, and quality that rivals the bigger smartphone names – for sometimes less than half the price. But all smartphones have a finite lifespan, and when yours starts to show the signs of wear and tear, we have the OnePlus replacement parts you need to get it back up and running.


Performance Parts

So much goes into making your smartphone perform the way you need it to. That includes everything from the motherboard to the antenna that ensures you have a good quality signal. Even the way your buttons and battery work have an impact on how well your phone functions. Esource Parts has OnePlus phone parts to get your phone back to the full performance it was made for.



Many of us buy our phones for the gadgets they come with. Your camera and your speaker are just two examples of the gadgets we use quite a bit. And all of those gadgets are directly connected to the screen that powers everything we do on our phones. When they break or need replacement, there’s no need to wait weeks for a replacement from the manufacturer. We carry OnePlus replacement parts as part of our regular stock.


Guaranteed OnePlus Phone Parts

OnePlus parts in Canada aren’t as common as those you can find for iPhone or Samsung, so the tech behind them can be a bit trickier. If you purchase the wrong part, rest assured you can exchange it under our 15-day modified exchange policy. If you find that the part is defective within 10 months of your purchase, we have you covered there, too.


The Esource Parts Difference

OnePlus devices are less common among Canadian smartphone users, but those that use them know how competitive they are with the other brands. It’s no wonder you’d like to keep your OnePlus device in tip-top shape with OnePlus replacement parts. Not as easily sourced as those for bigger smartphone brands, Esource Parts is your go-to for parts and gadgets of every generation OnePlus.

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