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Apple iWatch Covers & Cases

By now, most of us have realized that our phones are better off with some sort of cover. No matter how careful one might be, scratches, cracks, and other damage is almost inevitable if you’re not protecting your device. The same can be said for your Apple iWatch. To use anything on these convenient devices, you need complete and uninterrupted access to the screen. To guarantee that access, you need an Apple iWatch cover.

Tempered Glass

Apple iWatch Tempered glass is glass that’s been chemically and thermally treated to increase its strength. That process results in a glass that’s as much as 10 times stronger than the original material… and that’s why it’s a favorite material for iWatch protective screen covers. Once you’ve installed these easy-to-use iWatch covers you’ll never worry about scratches and cracks on your screen again.

Bumper Covers

Another option for protecting your Apple watch is to install an iWatch bumper cover. More than just protection for your screen, these cover your screen as well as the edges of your smartwatch. If you use your device at home, work, and the gym, then this level of iWatch protection is a must.

Every Generation

The first iWatch was released in 2016 and four additional generations have hit the shelves since then. Whether you’re wearing an iWatch Series 1 or the latest generation, you’ll find tempered glass and bumper covers for your specific model and size in our stock.

The Esource Parts Difference

Apple iWatch covers and cases are just as important as the protection you buy for your phone. Whether you choose tempered glass or bumper covers, they allow you to use your iWatch without ever worrying about causing damage. Check out the Esource Parts stock of iWatch protection, available in all sizes and generations.

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