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CD / DVD Disc Repair Service

Disc Resurfacing Service


Esource Parts will repair and resurface your scratched discs to look like new again!  Our professional repair service will virtually repair any scratched disc back to scratch and skip free condition.  

Our services include:



Disc Repair

-XBOX 360
-Game Cube
-& more


Disc repairs for CD's and DVD's include XBOX 360, WII, and Game Cube games cost $5.00 per disc.  Any Blu-Ray, PS3, PS4, and XBOX ONE games cost $8.00 per disc.


We can repair any type of disc.  Our service staff will evaluate the extent of the damage on each disc and perform the neccessary repair service needed.  Depending on the severity of the scatch, our service team will use the appropriate settings to fine tune the repair to ensure a scratch free disc.  As we are almost always sucessful at repairing and resurfacing scratched discs, there are times where a scratch is too deep and is not repairable.  We will inform you in advance after our initial inspection of the disc to see if it is repairable.


On the spot repairs!  Got only a few discs to fix? Have your disc repaired while you wait if you drop off 1-3 discs.

How long does it take?  A majority of discs can take between 5-8 minutes for the repair.  If dropping off more than 3 discs, please allow sufficient time for the repairs to be completed.  In most cases we may ask that you come back later to pick them up.




There are times where a disc is beyond repair.  Below is a list of common conditions that are unrepairable:

  • Bent Disc
  • Warped Disc
  • Physically Cracked
  • Deep Scratches
  • Peeling


Esource Parts does offer a mail in disc repair service.  Please contact us for more details on how to send in your scratched discs in for repairs.