Refurbish your old CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, and game discs


Do you have scratched CDs, DVDs, or unusable game discs? Don’t throw those old discs away – resurfacing is the answer!


Your old discs become new again

We are one of very few companies in Canada to offer disc restoration services.


Our equipment can take a scratched CD, DVD, Blu-Ray or game disc and resurface it to make it look brand new again. 


Disc resurfacing is perfect for:


  • Restoring old movies
  • Rediscovering personal videos and home movies
  • Recovering photographs from a scratched CD or DVD
  • Reviving old Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox game discs
  • Eliminates light scratches
  • Fixes deep scratches and gouges
  • No more skipping
  • Easy, fast, reliable process
  • Works on 99 percent of scratched discs
  • Bulk orders welcome


Even if your disc can’t be read by any DVD or computer, we can fix it!


If you have an old disc that you need to access, bring it into the shop, and we’ll fix it for you. In most cases, we can do this while you wait.


For customers who live outside of the GTA, call us directly and let’s talk about your disc resurfacing needs.