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iPhone XR Replacement Parts

The iPhone XR was developed as a cost-friendly alternative to the XS and XS Max, but you wouldn’t know it from the all-star lineup of features and specs. The construction, display, and camera are all top of the line and it includes features like facial recognition and an 8-core Neural Engine that makes processing apps faster than ever. Impressive as this budget-conscious phone may be, it’s not made to last forever – and that’s especially true if you tend to drop and fumble this somewhat delicate piece of tech more often than you should.

Whether you’re yet to master the art of keeping your phone from falling or the regular wear and tear of a mobile device sets in, there are ways to get it back up and running. That is, with iPhone XR replacement parts and the know-how to install them.

iPhone XR Parts Inside and Out

There a few features that make this phone stand out, but that may also become the bane of your existence when they break. Chips and cracks in the edge-to-edge glass display makes the swipe-based navigation system difficult if not impossible to use. The Qi wireless charging is convenient until your phone stops holding its charge. And that 12 megapixel camera is all but useless without clear and working lenses.

Beyond AppleCare

AppleCare only covers your phone for so long and, even with this protection, you still wind up paying for repairs to some extent. But our extensive stock of iPhone XR repair parts combined with the know-how of our tech team means you have option for fixing your phone outside of the Apple store.


Guaranteed iPhone XR Parts

Among the many benefits of shopping with Esource Parts are our guarantees. You’re never stuck with iPhone XR parts you don’t need under our 15-day unmodified exchange guarantee. You should never have to pay for broken or defective parts, either. Which is why we allow you to exchange those for as long as 10 months after your purchase.


The Esource Parts Difference

Even budget-friendly iPhones are a pretty big investment, so you’ll want to keep them working well beyond what AppleCare covers you for. At Esource Parts, we stock iPhone XR replacement parts for every piece of your phone, we guarantee them, and we can even help you install them when the time comes.

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