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iPhone X Replacement Parts

This device was the flagship for iPhone’s 10th anniversary. Apple really turned it up a notch with the iPhone X, introducing their first edge-to-edge OLED Super Retina display, facial recognition, 3D camera functionality, an A11 Bionic processor and an IP67 rating against water and dust resistance.

Revolutionary for Apple at the time of its release, it’s now been discontinued, making it difficult to find iPhone X replacement parts.

Keep Those Features Functioning

The iPhone X had a great reception and many of us spent a pretty penny for the features and functions it offered. The first edge-to-edge with no home button, you need your screen in perfect condition to use just about anything on the X. The Qi wireless charging doesn’t work as well without a great battery, and the A11 Bionic processor was made to work in tandem with features like your camera.

Hard-to-Find Parts

To keep those features working like new, you need access to iPhone X parts that are increasingly difficult to find. But whether you’re looking for external parts like screens and housing or internal pieces such as microphones, antennas, and digitizers, we either stock it or can help you source it.


Guaranteed iPhone X Parts

Sourcing iPhone X parts is only half the battle. The other half is making sure you have the right one. But that’s not problem when you’re covered under a 15-day unmodified exchange guarantee. And, if you notice any defects in the parts you’ve purchased, we cover those under a 10-month exchange warranty.

The Esource Parts Difference

The iPhone X was an anniversary flagship that truly lived up to its name. Although we’ve seen improvements in the succeeding generations, it’s still a phone worth keeping around. When AppleCare is long since expired but parts aren’t functioning, you’ll need the best iPhone X replacement parts from Esource Parts.

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