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BLU Parts

BLU has been making affordable Android phones for years. They boast trendy new features and the basic specs you need from any smartphone, all at a cost that makes having a mobile device accessible. But bring your BLU phone into most retailers and they won’t know what they’re looking at.

If BLU parts are what you’re looking for, look no further.Esource Parts is your go-to for high quality replacement parts, and we pride ourselves on a selection you won’t find elsewhere.

Parts Availability

Not exactly the most common name in the North American smartphone market, it’s unsurprising that you’re having a hard time sourcing the BLU parts you need to keep your phone working.Esource Parts carries parts for even the most obscure phones, including BLU, and what we don’t carry in our own stock, we can help you source.

Generational Compatibility

BLU isn’t new to smartphones. Indeed, they have designed and created a few different lines since their inception. Regardless of what generation of BLU you happen to be a fan of, you should be able to access parts with only a click. Check out what we have in stock or talk to an online rep if you can’t find the BLU generation you’re using.

BLU Replacement Parts Guaranteed

There’s no need to fret about buying the wrong part when you shop with us. We’ll happily exchange unmodified parts within 15 days of your purchase. Plus, we extend a 10-month exchange warranty on defective parts, so you can make retail and wholesale purchases with confidence.

The Esource Parts Difference

Esource Parts is your go-to parts and accessories shop because we carry the brands you won’t find anywhere else. What BLU parts we don’t carry, we’ll help you source – all under our two exchange guarantees and the same promise of quality.

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