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    iPad Pro 9.7" GPS Antenna Flex Cable
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    iPad Pro 9.7" WiFi Antenna Flex Cable
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    iPad Pro 9.7" Front Camera Flex Cable
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    iPad Pro 9.7" LCD Flex Cable
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iPad Parts

The iPad was the first modern tablet and it revolutionized the mobile device market. It made it easier to play games and watch videos, to browse the web with a perfectly sized and shaped display, to create while you’re on-the-go. They give laptops a run for their money when it comes to mobility and they challenge smartphones with their ease of use.

More than a decade after its release, the iPad is still one of the best-selling tablets out there. If and when yours needs a little help getting back to 100% performance, we have the iPad parts you’re seeking.

All the Generations

First released in 2010, the iPad has seen a few generations and a number of different configurations. Finding parts for all of them under the same roof is no small task – but we’ve managed it. We carry iPad repair parts from the 1st generation all the way to the latest, including the Mini, the Air, and the Pro versions. 

All the Parts

It’s no wonder that the first thing to break on a tablet is the display, which is why we carry an extensive stock of iPad screen repair parts (plus the accessories to keep them protected). But even if you manage to keep your screen from scratches and cracks, you’re sure to need parts to keep your tablet in good working order. We carry everything from batteries to speakers and antennas plus all the screws, adhesive, and housing you need to keep them in place.

Guaranteed iPad Repair Parts

With all the possible parts that could need fixing and all the generations of iPad, it’s not always easy to know what part you need. That’s why we’ve created our 15-day unmodified exchange guarantee, so you can exchange any part that’s wrongly purchased. Our 10-month defective parts warranty is another protection we offer on your purchase, so you don’t get stuck with a part that doesn’t work.

The Esource Parts Difference

You made a small investment when you purchased your iPad, and we want to help you protect that investment. With hundreds of iPad parts carried in-stock and at the best prices, a staff that knows what you need and how to fix it, and two exchange guarantees, Esource Parts helps you maintain a like-new iPad both inside and out.

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