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iPhone 8 Parts

The iPhone 8 was a little bit of its predecessor mixed with a little bit of the iPhone X.Powered by a six-core A11 Bionic chip that was 25% faster than the A10, it’s still an impressive device. It features a stereo speaker setup, a camera capable of running augmented reality apps and 4K video, and it was the first iPhone with Qi-based inductive wireless charging.

Released in September 2017, these devices are getting on in their years. But we can help keep yours alive and well with iPhone 8 parts for every feature you love.

The Parts That Matter

The iPhone 8 was the last iPhone with 3D Touch as part of it’s 4.7-inch display with True Tone support. That feature was a favorite in iPhones – even more so than the Haptic Touch that replaced it and was far less responsive to pressure. It was also the last iPhone with a Touch ID Home button. And to use any of the other amazing features that this phone has to offer, those items absolutely must be in working order.

When it comes time to replace your screen, your home button, or any of the other important hardware, look no further than our extensive stock of premium iPhone 8 replacement parts.

Life After AppleCare

By now, iPhone 8’s that were purchased upon their release have outlived their AppleCare. And although the phones were built in durable glass bodies, made with a reinforced steel and aluminum structure, and boasted an IP67 water and dust-resistant rating, the years take their toll on your device. We don’t just replace screens and home buttons, we also carry housing, camera lenses, antennas, and all the iPhone 8 parts that make your phone worth having.

Guaranteed iPhone 8 Replacement Parts

We carry a huge stock of premium iPhone parts at competitive prices – and we stand behind everything we sell with two guarantees. If you’ve purchased the wrong part, you’re covered under the 15-day unmodified exchange guarantee. And 10 months after your purchase, you’re still covered for any parts that are defective.

The Esource Parts Difference

The iPhone 8 holds its own even years after its release. It takes great photos, it has excellent screen quality, and it’s a durable little device. To keep yours in the best working order, Esource Parts can help you replace and repair your iPhone 8 parts, and we guarantee every purchase.

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