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Asus Parts

A brand much loved for their affordable computing technology, Asus moved into the mobile phone space with the same approach. Their Zenfone line offers users Intel processors, HD screens, quality cameras, and overall durability – all at a price far lower than the biggest smartphone names.

Now in its fifth generation, Asus phones have captured their share of the mid-range mobile market. Perhaps the biggest problem with these devices, though, is the availability ofAsus parts. That is, except, at Esource Parts.

Any Asus Part

When something breaks on your Asus phone, you should be able to fix it like you would any other smartphone device. But you’ll quickly find that it’s much easier to find iPhone and Samsung parts than this less common brand. At Esource Parts, all phones are created equal, which is why we have a full stock of Asus replacement parts at your disposal. Whether you’re looking to replace a cracked display, a home button, or a fingerprint scanner, they’re only a click away.

Any Asus Generation

The first generation of Zenfone was announced in late 2014 and there have been quite a few upgrades since. Whether you’re still carrying the first of these Androids or you’ve adopted the latest and greatest, we have Asus parts for every generation since the beginning – and what we don’t have, we’ll help you source.

Guaranteed Asus Replacement Parts

More difficult than just sourcing Asus replacement parts is knowing what part you need to bring your phone back in working order. But under our 15-day unmodified exchange guarantee, we’ll happily exchange the wrong part for the part you need. And to cover potential defects, we’ll also extend a 10-month defective part warranty, so you never get stuck with parts that don’t work.

The Esource Parts Difference

At Esource Parts, all mobile brands are treated equal, and that’s why we carry an extensive stock of smartphone replacement parts for every brand.Amongst our extensive stock you’ll find Asus parts that keep the external looking like new and the internal performing like new, all at a price as affordable as the phone you invested in.

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