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Motorola Parts

Motorola was once one of the sole names in the telecommunications world. Today, they’re owned by Google and the devices they producehave some distinct advantages over other androids in their class. Take, for example, the fact that they come with near-stock Android UI, making even their budget options smooth and fast. It also means you can customize them in ways that other devices simply can’t offer.

But when your Motorola starts to age, so too does its ability to handle even that light software. Which means it’s time to look for Motorola parts to bring it back up to speed.


Your software is housed on the various electronic parts inside your device. As your device ages, so does the performance of those parts and, in turn, your phone loses that Motorola advantage. And it’s not just your motherboard we’re talking about – all the moving parts on the inside of your phone work together to deliver results.


Just as important to how your phone performs is the hardware: your housing, your camera lens, even the buttons that allow you to control volume and power. Without these working parts, the fastest Android UI isn’t very useful. When the hardware that keeps your phone functional wears, tears, or breaks, wecarry the Motorola part for the job.

Guaranteed Motorola Parts Canada

Purchasing parts can be risky if you’re not sure of what you need. Don’t let the fear of the unknown get in your way of having a working device.With our 15-day unmodified exchange policy, you can exchange parts for what you really need. And, if 10 months down the road the part is defective, we’ll exchange it for a new one under our 10-month defective warranty on Motorola parts and parts for all devices.

The Esource Parts Difference

Motorola offers budget friendly phones that compete with mid-range phones of the biggest smartphone brands. With our large stock of Motorola parts, loyal Motorola customers can keep their phones working longer. Plus, whether you need hardware or software, all of your parts are covered under our two exchange guarantees.

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