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    HTC One M7 battery bn07100 2300mah
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    HTC One M8 Loud Speaker Assembly
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    HTC One M9 Rear Facing Camera
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    HTC One M9 Loud Speaker Assembly
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HTC Phone Repair Parts

HTC might have been the first company to come out with the Android phone, but they’ve recently changed gears to focus less on the development of smartphones and more on other innovative technologies like VR. While still producing mid-range and entry-level phones, you’ll only see a handful of new devices come out each year, which can make finding HTC phone repair parts difficult.

Beyond the HTC Warranty

HTC was breaking the mold when they started to offer their screen replacement benefit on all their phones sold in the US. But they never extended the benefit of one replacement screen to Canadian users. While we can’t extend you that benefit, we do carry an extensive stock of HTC replacement screens at the most affordable prices. If your housing or external hardware such as a fingerprint readerwere also broken, we can help you replace that, too.

HTC Cell Phone Parts

At the same time as HTC created the screen benefit, they promised their loyal customers timely updates regarding Android revisions and improvement to Sense software for two years from the date of every phone launch. But those updates don’t do very much good if you don’t have working HTC parts. Whether you’re looking for better signal, a new camera, or a longer charge, we have the part you’re looking for.

Guaranteed HTC Parts

Like all of our parts and accessories, our HTC cell phone parts are covered by both our 15-day and 10-month exchange guarantees. For 15 days following your purchase, you can exchange wrongly purchased parts as long as they’re unmodified. And for up to 10 months following any purchase, we offer an exchange warranty on defects.

The Esource Parts Difference

HTC phone repair parts are becoming more difficult to find, but Esource Parts continues to carry one of the largest selection of repair parts in the industry. Regardless of the year or generation you’re looking for, we’ll help you find any HTC parts you’re having trouble finding, and we’ll guarantee them under our two exchange policies.

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