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    Nintendo Wii U Gamepad LCD Replacement
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Nintendo Console Parts

The birthplace of Mario has grown into so much more over the last decade. From the revolutionary Wii system to the Switch, Nintendo is a world of its own. Just as much kid-friendly as it is for adults, all the care in the world isn’t enough to keep parts from breaking. Covers on your Wii controller and carrying cases for the DS and Switch are helpful, but hard gaming or a system that’s getting on in requiresNintendo console parts.

Every Nintendo System

The DS dates back to 2004, while the Wii was launched in 2006. Since then, Nintendo has released the DSi to the 3DS, the Wii U, and their latest and greatest, the Switch.When you need to buy Nintendo console parts for any of these systems, you should be able to conveniently find them under one roof. We carry parts for the oldest systems to the newest, at a price you can’t beat.

Every Nintendo Part

Replacement housing for your handheld, joysticks, and batteries aren’t that difficult to find, but there are parts we bet you didn’t even know you could replace. Has your motherboard fried? We carry those. Can’t feel explosions on your controller? We carry the HD rumble card that enables your haptic feedback system. We have circuits, screws, antennas, and any part that could possibly break on your system.

Guaranteed Nintendo Console Parts

What our avid gaming customers absolutely love about shopping with us is that we guarantee our parts. If you happen to buy a part you don’t need, you have 15 days to exchange it as long as it’s unmodified. And, if 10 months after your purchase you find that the part is defective, you can exchange it for a brand new one.

The Esource Parts Difference

Gaming consoles are as complex as computers these days. They have a lot of moving pieces and, when one goes, the entire system can malfunction. But there’s no need to run out and purchase a new system when yours isn’t working as it’s made to. Let Esource Parts help you find the right Nintendo console parts to get you back up and gaming in no time.

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