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Sony Parts

Sony is one of the most recognizable names in electronics. But take a Sony device into your average dealer and they might not even know that Sony made smartphones. A terrible shame, considering that Sony phones have beautiful design, incredibly useful features, and loads of accessories to boot. If you’re one of the few people who recognize the value of these smartphones, you’ve found one of the retail and wholesalers who carry the Sony parts that bring your phone back to life.

Parts for Inside and Out

For every part your phone needs to work, there’s a breaking point. Whether your phone is just getting on in years or it’s taken one too many falls, eventually things need replacing. From displays and housing on the outside to chips, sensors, and antennas on the inside, there’s not a Sony part we don’t carry.

Parts for Every Xperia

The first Xperia was launched in 2008 and Sony has been making these phones bigger and better ever since. Regardless of the generation you’re currently holding onto, we have replacement parts for Sony Xperia’s of all shapes and sizes.

Guaranteed Sony Parts

Repair your Sony phone without any hassles or worries because you’re covered under our two parts guarantees. Within 15 days of your purchase, exchange unmodified parts should you happen to purchase the wrong piece. If your part isn’t working as it should, our 10-month defective parts warranty has you covered.

The Esource Parts Difference

What sets Esource Parts apart is the extensive selection we have. While sourcing more common brands is easy, we treat all smartphones equally, which is why you’ll find Sony partsas abundant asthe parts we carry for any other mobile device. We back the quality we carry with two guarantees, and our friendly staff can help you repair your phone, too.

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