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iPhone XS Max Parts

The XS Max was released alongside the XR and XS models – but it was definitely the flagship device of the three. With one of the most impressive screens on the market, it’s bright, sharp, and color-accurate. It also boasts long battery life, durability, incredible photography achieved through an interplay between software and the A12 Bionic chip, and faster speeds.


One of the priciest smartphones that Apple has ever released, you can get your money’s worth with iPhone XS Max parts that keep it at peak performance for years to come.


The Best Parts for the Best Features

At the time it was released, the iPhone XS Max had the best OLED screen money could buy. It also had a camera capable of things only the Google pixel had achieved until this time. It’s fast, long-lasting, and has a glass casing that improved on previous models of iPhone. Keeping these features in tip-top condition is easy with our extensive stock of iPhone XS Max replacement parts like screens, camera lenses, housing, and charging ports.               

Your Alternative to AppleCare

The XS Max is IP68 rated for water, splash, and dust resistance – but resistance doesn’t mean impenetrable. And while AppleCare covers some types of damage, some repairs are costly, and it doesn’t cover your phone forever. Regardless of whether your phone has stopped performing as a result of regular wear and tear orit’s been dropped one too many times, we have every iPhone XS Max part you need to fix it, and the knowledge to make the repair.

iPhone XS Max Parts Guaranteed

Don’t run the risk of buying a wrong or defective iPhone XS Max replacement part and getting stuck with it. Shop with us and you’re covered under our 15-day unmodified exchange for parts you didn’t actually need. And with our 10-month defective parts warranty, you can exchange defective parts long after you’ve purchased and tried them out.

The Esource Parts Difference

Even the latest and greatest of Apple smartphones will eventually experience problems. Whether you’ve broken the screen that makes this phone worth having or your internal components don’t perform as well as they once did, we can help you find the right iPhoneXS Max part to get your phone back to working condition.

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