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    Loudspeaker for iPhone 5S / SE
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iPhone 5s Parts

The iPhone 5s has everything you could need in a basic phone: an 8-megapixel camera with True Tone Flash, 13 LTE bands allowing you to access high-speed internet around the world, gaming console-level detailed graphics and visual effects, and excellent battery life. Indeed, the 5s ran on the 64-bit Apple A7 SoC, the first 64-bit SoC on the market, which was way ahead of its time.

Released in late 2013, the 4-inch display on the iPhone 5s made itlook a lot like the 5, but what you got was a seriously improved interior. If your iPhone 5s is still kicking around, it’s sure to need iPhone 5s parts that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Performance Parts

The iPhone 5s is a few generations old but keeping them alive and well is only a matter of having the best parts to repair them. Screen cracks and scratches are probably the most common phone damage you’ll have, and we have displays to make them look like new. But we also carry iPhone 5s replacement parts that you probably didn’t know you could swap out, including replacement batteries, cameras, Wi-Fi antennas, and even ear speakers.

Life Beyond AppleCare

By now, AppleCare on the iPhone 5s is long since expired. But you don’t need Apple to keep your phone in working order – all you need is our extensive stock and our team of experts. There’s not a part we can’t source if you don’t find it already in our inventory and our team of experts will not only help you find what you need, they’ll help you repair it.

Guaranteed iPhone 5s Replacement Parts

The only thing harder about finding iPhone 5s parts is knowing which one you need. The good news is, if you buy the wrong one, we’ll exchange it for you under our 15-day unmodified exchange guarantee. And if 10 months from your purchase the part turns out to be defective, we’ve got your covered under our 10-month defective part warranty, so you’re never stuck with a part you don’t need.

The Esource Parts Difference

There’s a reason that iPhones cost what they do: they’re hard working phones that last. They’ll last you even longer than Apple ever intended if you know where to find parts and where to get them repaired. Come to Esource Parts when you need iPhone 5s parts and the expertise to repair them – we’re so sure of our parts, we guarantee them.

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