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LG Phone Repair Parts

If there’s a company that knows the world of electronics, it’s LG. Going beyond televisions and refrigerators and into the world of smartphones, they’ve released more models and had more major launches than we can count. That means that there are a ton of options out there when it comes to price, features, and of course, LG phone repair parts.


All the Iterations

The LG G’s, V’s, K’s, Optimus, ThinQ… the list of LG smartphone generations and devices is a long one. They’ve been a runner in the industry since the launch of their first smartphone in 2009 and their first Android two years later. For us, that means one thing… there are endless LG phone repair parts that you could need. With over 400 LG phone parts in stock and access to plenty more, there’s no iteration we can’t help you fix.


Hardware and Software

Among the long list of LG parts we carry, you’ll find the parts that run your software and the hardware that keeps your phone intact. Whether it’s a new screen or the screen digitizer you need to replace, you’ll find all the parts to bring your phone into working order here.


LG Parts Guaranteed

With so many options come an increased possibility of buying the wrong part. Not to worry if you do, all of our LG phone parts are covered under a 10-day unmodified exchange warranty. We even cover defective parts, but for that, you’ll have as many as 10 months to make your exchange.


The Esource Parts Difference

There are any number of LG phone repair parts you could need. With the selection at Esource Parts, there’s a good chance that what you need, we have stocked. And for everything else, we’ll help you find it at the most affordable price and with the fastest delivery options.

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