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Sony Console Parts

PlayStation still holds the title of the most gaming consoles ever sold. And while Microsoft and Nintendo came up with their own consoles to compete with it, the gamers who love PlayStation really love it. Since its first release all the way back in 2000, there’s been four generations plus the handheld PSP. Regardless of which one you’re gaming on, we’ve got the Sony console parts that keep your system running.


Every PlayStation Generation

Parts for the older PlayStations are getting harder and harder to come by. But if you’re still hooked on one of the exclusive Sony games from way back when, we can help you source the parts for any generation. For the newest generations, you can buy Sony console parts immediately from our extensive stockand have them shipped to you before missing a single gaming session.

Every PlayStation Part

If you’ve every opened up your PlayStation, you’ll know how complex its internal workings are. As complicated as a computer, there are a lot of pieces that work together to bring you a functioning system. Lasers, sensors, cables, circuits, screws, antennas, fans, chips, and more, Esource Parts stocks all the parts you need under one roof and at the best prices.

Guaranteed Sony Console Parts

As complex as these systems are, it’s not always easy to know what part it is you need. Not to worry if you purchase the wrong one – as long as it’s unmodified, you can exchange it within 15 days of your purchase. And if 10 months later you realize the part is defective, you can exchange it for a brand new one.

The Esource Parts Difference

Gaming is your chance to unwind and lose yourself in your favorite storylines or a great excuse toget together with your friends online. When yours doesn’t start up as it should, or it malfunctions while you’re in the midst of something important, we understand the frustration. For a huge selection of guaranteedSony console parts and the know-how to fix your system, look no further than Esource Parts.

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