The Best Smartphone Accessories You Can Gift On Special Occasions

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People today are crazy about smartphones and they love to have a collection of accessories for them. Some of them might be a need whereas the others are just an addition to your phone. Regardless of the need, many people tend to have a couple of great accessories that assist the use of mobile phones one way or the other. Cell phone accessories can be given as gifts too and you should find a suitable accessory to gift your loved ones on any occasion. These are not really hard to find, however, because of the wide range of products in mobile accessories that vary in quality and prices, it can be a difficult task to choose an accessory that is worth gifting to your loved one.

The world is not in good condition because of the COVID-19 and people are not allowed to roam around shops and find an amazing phone accessory. We are told to stay home and that makes it more difficult to find an accessory online that you can gift anyone. However, in hard times like these, Esource Parts is here to make it easy for you.

Esource Parts is an online business based in Canada that offers you an amazing variety of cell phone accessories online. Whether you want a Bluetooth earphone, a power bank of any kind, or any other mobile phone accessory, Esource Parts is there to help you choose a gift for your loved one. What concerns people the most is the quality and reliability of the products as nobody would gift a bad quality accessory. Esource Parts provides you the best quality products that you can trust without a doubt. Although there is a wide range of products available at Esource Parts, below are the descriptions of some of the amazing mobile phone accessories that you can gift to your loved ones.

Smart Sleep Mask:

Smart Sleep Mask with Bluetooth Headphones is one of those amazing smartphone accessories that you can gift to anyone. These extremely comfortable headphones come with advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology. With excellent sound quality and a smart sleeping mask, this is one of the best Bluetooth accessories you can gift to anyone who loves to enjoy music in dark. It is featured with an updated high-performance USB rechargeable battery that provides more than 9 hours playtime and once you fall asleep, the battery will turn off the Bluetooth eye mask without a beep so you would not get disturbed during your sleep. It is made up of velvet and stretches cotton that provides a soft and comfortable feel. You can take out the removable speakers and wash them if needed. The Bluetooth smart sleep mask is a great gift to give to frequent travelers or sensitive sleepers and it doubles as great wireless Bluetooth stereo earphones as well.

Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank:

Another great accessory to choose as a gift for someone is the Qi wireless charger plus smart power bank. It is a combination of a wireless charger and a portable power bank. It has two 2.1A wired charging outputs and one 1A wireless output that means it can charge up to three devices simultaneously. It has a built-in 10000mAh battery that can charge a phone 2-3 times. It supports two fast and convenient 5V 2A input ports, a type-C, and a micro USB that takes only 5 hours to fully charge the 10000mAh battery. It is a perfect accessory for a traveler who travels to places with no electricity. You can gift this power bank to your loved ones and this will never let their phone die.

There is a more updated and better version of power banks that you can choose to gift to your loved ones. A power bank with a 10000mAh battery that has four fast charge outputs. It can charge devices up to 80% with its 3x charging feature in just35 minutes. 1 Type-C input, and 1 Micro input and 2 USB outputs enable you to charge a smartphone, a tablet, or a Nintendo switch simultaneously. It is small enough to carry around and you can also know the battery of the power bank from 1% to 100% on its LCD. This is surely something to gift your loved ones and it will make their life much easier as they can charge anything anywhere using this power bank.

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Final Words:

The affordable accessories listed above are all available at Esource Parts. Apart from these, you can also choose anything from the wide range of products available on the website including popular products such as the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth headset and a great variety of wireless Bluetooth stereo earphones. Shopping from Esource Parts lets you enjoy some premium services too. This includes delivery in 24 hours in most of the locations in Canada. This will make sure that the gift you choose will arrive before the occasion and you would not face embarrassment because your gift hasn’t arrived. Other than that, our online support is available 24/7 that responds to assist you in the best way as fast as possible. Everything is clear on our website regarding the stock availability and prices so that there is nothing that arises a question in your mind. Choose an amazing cell phone accessory on Esource Parts and gift your loved ones the best thing for their smartphone.

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