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Cell Phone Accessories

Today’s cell phones are capable of a whole lot more than just making and receiving phone calls and texts. They’ve become entertainment centers, sources of limitless knowledge, learning tools, mapping devices, and an extension of how we live and work.

But in order to really take advantage of the additional functionalities of your phone, you have to invest a little in the best cell phone accessories.

Mobile Accessories

Mobile accessories range from those that protect your device and fragile screen while personalizing it to your taste, to those that keep your phone charged whether at home or traveling, and of course those that help you use your phone and applications in all the ways they’re meant to be used. They encompass screen protectors and cases, charging cables, charging boxes, adapters, mounts, phone rings, speakers, remotes, and just about anything that improves the purpose or performance of your mobile.

Transform your phone into one that’s more durable, wearable, and functional with a quick browse through our extensive cell phone accessory store.

Cell Phone Accessory Store - Esource Parts

  • Stylish Mobile Cases
  • Solid Screen Protector
  • Phone covers - leather, gel, and silicone Customizable covers
  • Mobile charger with warranty
  • Wired and wireless headphones
  • earphones with microphone
  • other gadgets

Cases & Protection

First and foremost, you should protect the investment you’ve made in your cell phone with screen protectors and cases that save your device from even the faintest shocks and scratches. One short drop can easily render your phone unusable and all it takes is a protective cell phone case to significantly reduce that risk. Choose from cases and shells that make your phone more resistant with heat dissipation, shockproof, and anti-scratch technology.

Customized cases and more

Our phones all basically look the same these days – so how do you set yourself apart and reflect your personal style in your mobile? Well there’s no need to sacrifice style when it comes to protecting your phone. We carry cases that allow you to personalize your phone in leather, gel, and silicone while still keeping it safe. Plus, you’ll find the perfect colors, textures, and patterns to reflect who you are in our extensive and affordable stock.

Fast Mobile Chargers

Gone are the days of charging your phone for a few hours for only half a day of use. Today’s technology allows you to charge rapidly from just about anywhere, including your home, your car, or while travelling.  We carry extra long cables for the extra-far away outlets, Type-C cables that are quickly becoming the standard for charging, and various degrees of durability to suit your needs. Connect those cables to adapters that fit into your car lighter slot and charge multiple devices at once. Or, you can forget the cables all together and go wireless with a variety of wireless charging devices.


Adapting your phone to your lifestyle is easy with the wide range of cool cell phone accessories out there. Want a universal adapter that works on more than your mobile device? Looking for the best mount for a work truck? Tired of setting your phone up on makeshift stands? Or do you just need some help taking the best selfie? From mounts and carrying solutions, to splitters, clips, and phone rings, there are endless opportunities for integrating your device into your life by adapting it to your lifestyle.

Enjoy Your Tunes with headphones

Our phones have all but replaced our radios. Listening to music is now mobile with access to hundreds of thousands of tunes at the tip of our fingers. Wireless headphones are what you need for your afternoon walk and your time at the gym, but wireless speakers are what you need to make the most of your favorite jams at home. Have a look at our charging docks that allow you to charge your phone while your playlist blasts as well as high powered Bluetooth subwoofers that make sure you don’t lose a hint of bass. And, when you need to charge while you’re plugged into your headphones, we’ve got splitters for that, too.

Fun and Functional Gadgets

Beyond making your phone more functional, we can also make it more fun with some of the unique gadgets we carry. We have zoom lenses that improve your camera’s range, gamepads that turn your phone into a gaming controller, selfie sticks for more accurate selfies, and whole lot of other gadgets you didn’t even know you needed. On the functional side, you’ll find external storage devices, screen magnifiers that help you read tiny print, smart card readers for receiving mobile transactions, and even things like smart water bottles that make working out with your phone more convenient.

Esource Parts is Canada’s leading wholesale and retail supplier of mobile accessories parts and . Whether you’re looking to purchase cell phone accessories online, in person, or wholesale, Esource Parts carries cases and screen protectors, charging cables and adapters, mounts and holsters, as well as exclusive add-ons you can’t find anywhere else. We specialize in simple to elaborate solutions at the most affordable prices and for the top brands, including:

Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories for-

  • Apple Accessories
  • Samsung Accessories
  • Google Accessories
  • LG Accessories
  • Huawei Accessories
  • Motorola Accessories
  • Sony Accessories
  • HTC Accessories
  • Blackberry Accessories
  • OnePlus Accessories
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