5 Key Accessories To Make Your Life Easier

smartphone accessories

Accessories are considered as an additional expense to some people. However, in reality, they make it easier for you to use your phone and some of them might also be a need for some people. Choosing accessories can be difficult as there are a lot of things available in the market. Picking up the necessary things for yourself can be a demanding task. It requires a lot of time and effort to select the best from a large variety of things. However, you can make it easier by choosing them online. There might be many stores that sell accessories online but what puts them behind is the large variety available on the website, and you cannot choose the best from just a few things.In this case, Esource Parts is there to assist you. It is an online business that sells parts, accessories, and much more. It has been serving for more than a decade in Canada and is considered one of the best online sellers. It has a large number of accessories available on its website that allows you to choose whatever you like. Although there are so many things available on Esource Parts, below are some of the key accessories that you should buy to make your life easier.

1. Multi-functional Smart Adaptor Card Storage Kit with Wireless Charging

You must be tired of carrying tons of adaptors and cable with you while going out of your house. Let us introduce you to something that will solve the problem for you. The Urban Survival Universal Multi-Function charger is something that allows you to enter a hassle-free life. It is as compact as a credit card that weighs only 64 grams. It is an innovation to the tech life that charges all the essential and frequently used devices. It has all the necessary tech bits that include the Type-C lighting adaptor and cable, nano sim storage, sim pin, and Type-A adaptor. It also has a wireless charger of Qi 5W and a memory reader of USB 2.0 that is compatible with Micro-SD too. This accessory will surely make your life easier as now you can carry nearly every type of charger with you, in a credit card-sized kit.

Multi-function Smart Adapter Card Storage Kit with Wireless Charger

smart card storage adaptor kit with wireless charger

2. 2-in-1 Wireless Charger and Power Bank

Charging is a real problem these days and no one can let their phone die. You cannot find a power socket at some places and even if you can find one, it can be risky to connect your phone adaptor at some places. For this problem, we present you the 2-in-1, a combination of a portable power bank and a wireless charger. It has a built-in 10000mAh battery that can charge a smartphone to 2-3 times on a single full charge. It has two 2.1A wired output slots and one 1A wireless charging slot that means it can charge up to three devices simultaneously. It is best for frequent travelers, hikers, and even for everyday use. This will make your life much easier than before and you would not need to worry about the charging of your phone anymore. 

2-in-1 Power Bank with Wireless Charger

2 in 1 power bank with wireless charger

3. Smart Sleeping Mask Bluetooth Headphone

Headphones are one of the most demanding accessories out there. You must have come across a lot of types of headphones but the Smart Sleeping Mask Bluetooth Headphone is something new and unique. It is a sleeping mask that has Bluetooth headphones connected to it. It has a rechargeable battery that takes only 2-2.5 hours to charge but can provide a playtime of 9 hours. The eye mask is made up of velvet and cotton that provides a soft comfortable feel. You can remove the headphones from the mask in case you need to wash it. It is best for people who like to listen to music before sleep or frequent travelers that have long flights. One of the key features of this Bluetooth mask headphones is that once you sleep, it will automatically turn off without beeping so you would not get disturbed during your sleep. This accessory will surely take your idea of headphones to another level.

sleeping mask with wireless headphone

4. Universal Smart Wireless Infrared Remote Control

Trouble keeping so many remotes of different devices? Well, you do not have to worry about it anymore. Universal Smart Wireless Infrared Remote Control is here to handle this for you. It is a wireless device that you can use directly by the power of your phone or tablet. It does not require any external battery and therefore there is no issue of charging it. This control can be used for various devices such as TV, DVD player, Air Conditioning, Light, Refrigerator, Fan, Projector, etc. It offers a stable and reliable IR signal that can integrate all your infrared controlled devices in a single app on your android smartphone or tablet. You can control any of your infrared devices using the application just after inserting this wireless remote control in the charging jack of your smartphone. This accessory is one of a kind that will surely make your life easier as now you do not need to keep all these remotes with you.

Wireless Infrared Remote control

5. Xiaomi Bluetooth Mono Earphone

Headphones are a need for most people nowadays but some of them might find it difficult to carry them. For them, we present you the Xiaomi Bluetooth Mono Earphone. These are earbuds with no wires which makes them so easy to carry. It offers a built-in mic too that so that you can use it on calls too. Regardless of its small size, it is a bass master that provides super bass. These will surely assist you in your daily life.

xiaomi bluetooth mono earphone

Final Words

We only presented only some of the accessories above, however, there is a large number waiting for you on our website. Esource Parts try its best to offer accessories that can ease your life in any way, without charging much of a price. We provide accessories of the best quality at wholesale prices. Apart from that, choosing us for your accessories will enable you to enjoy some of our premium services too. This includes a discount on your first purchase, free shipping on accessories, 24/7 online support, and much more. Thus, visit the website of Esource Parts and get yourself some accessories that will make your life easier.

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