Accessories for Gaming Setup

Accessories for gaming setup

The most expensive gaming PC on the market right now is the 8Pack OrionX. It retails for $41,519.96 USD, and it’s the ultimate example of just how serious gaming has gotten in recent years.

But just as important as the device you gaming on are the accessories for your gaming setup. Whether you game primarily on a PC or on a console, gaming accessories can help you be a better gamer.

Of course, most games can be played with what comes in the box or standard accessories like a mouse and keyboard. But to master those games, you need the customizability and special features that you’ll only find in products specifically designed with the gamer’s needs in mind.

Before we explain which accessories for gaming setup are most important, let’s talk about all the things that go into improving your game.

How to Be a Better Gamer

So, you want to be a better gamer? while part of improving your game boils down to skills developed over time, there are some tangible steps you can take to improve your high score.

1. Pick Your Game and Stick ToIt

Pick a game that you’re passionate about playing. In order to get better, you’re going to spend a lot of hours playing it, so it should be something that keeps you excited and interested. From there, you can create a schedule and commit yourself to sticking to it, because the only way to get better is to practice.

2. Play Against Skilled Players

Playing against players who are more skilled than you may seem fruitless at first, but the frustration that comes along with not being able to best them will force you to improve your own skills. While you can play the occasional casual game, you’re not going to improve your skill if you’re not competing at a higher level. Plus, the game will stay engaging because you’re constantly being tested.

3. Maintain Balance

It’s too easy to get lost in gaming, caught up in improving, and getting just a bit further than you did the day before. But it’s important to balance your time spent playing games with proper rest, getting outside, moving your body, and eating well. If you’re not taking care of your body, your mind won’t work as efficiently as it can, and that will impact your game in the long run.

4. Have the Right Gear

From what you’re sitting on to your keyboard or controller, having the right accessories for a gaming setup is an essential feature of bettering your game. There’s a reason there’s a multi-million dollar gaming accessories market, and it’s because these specially designed accessories can really make or break your game.

Essential Accessories for Gaming Setup

A gaming accessory is any piece of equipment that’s either required for, or assists you in, playing games on a PC or gaming console. Gaming accessories range from the chair you sit on while your game to the mouse or controller you use to move around on the screen. Below, we’re talking about each in more detail and explaining how they heighten both your gaming experience and skill level.

1. Chair

There are chairs made specifically for staying comfortable through long sessions of gaming. They provide better lumbar support and encourage better posture. They may also come with features that improve the experience of gaming, such as speakers built into the headrest.

2. Display

Whether you’re playing on a console or on a PC, what you view your game on is important. That’s especially true when you’re playing graphic-heavy games, where a lot of time and effort went into the look and feel of the game.

What you’re mainly looking for in terms of monitors or TV screens is resolution. The bare minimum is 1920x1080p. For a step up from that, look for 2560x1440p. And if you’re looking at getting a 4K, keep in mind that they’re not cheap, and 4k computer monitors are way more expensive than TV’s.

3. Keyboard

If you game on a PC, then a gaming keyboard is a must. There are a few features of gaming keyboards that set them apart from your everyday keyboard. These are: key rollover, mechanical switches, and customization options.

Standard keyboards have 1 or 2 key rollover, which means that the keyboard is only capable of registering 1 or 2 presses of the keys at one time. Gaming keyboard can have more than 6 key rollover, which means you can press 6 keys at once and all will register. This function is important in games that require entering commands quickly and accurately.

Most gamers opt for a mechanical switch type versus the membrane switch type of standard keyboards. These are more durable, easier to keep clean, and they let you feel your presses and corresponding movements on screen.

For many gamers, the biggest advantage of a gaming keyboard is the ability to customize keys. Most gaming keyboards give you the option to reprogram any key you wish, and some will also offer additional keys that you can use how you please.

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4. Mouse

Just as important as a gaming keyboard is a gaming mouse. Remember that these items are how you control movements and accuracy, so having the best of the best can really improve your game. They give you an advantage over anyone not using accessories specifically designed for gaming and customized to their needs.

So what features does a gaming mouse offer over standard options? Grip and customization are two features unique to gaming mice. But you’ll also need to think about sensor options as well as DPI.

Gaming mice have different grip options that can make your movements more efficient. The palm grip is how you hold a standard mouse while the tip grip places your thumb at the side of the mouse and the tips of your fingers on the left, center, and mouse buttons. With claw grip, your palm rests near the back of the mouse, and your fingers and thumb angle towards the buttons at the front of the mouse.

Gaming mice can also come with customization options. This gives you control over every precise feature of your mouse, including lighting, how the buttons to function, and DPI options. Having control over DPI is essential to gaming because it’s related to how sensitive your mouse is.

In terms of sensors, there are two options. Most gamers opt for optical mouse sensors because laser sensors have a high lift-off distance, which can cause unintentional movements while you’re playing.

Often overlooked but incredibly important to grip and maneuverability is your mousepad. When looking for a mousepad that’s comfortable for you, think about hardness, size, thickness, and edges.

5. Headphones

Headphones really put you in the middle of your gaming experience. They make explosions and gunshots more realistic and footsteps so distinct you can hear from which direction they’re coming. But they also allow you to communicate clearly with teammates.

When looking for gaming headsets, consider sound quality, microphone quality, and noise-canceling or noise reduction. The later will make your output clearer as well as filter out background noise that might distract you.

4. PS4 & Xbox Accessories

If you game on a PS4 or Xbox, then everything you need comes right there in the box. But you can purchase additional Xbox and PS4 accessories with better functionality, which means better gaming.

Premium controllers give you options for customization. But they also enhance your control and flexibility, which in turn enhances performance. And as an added bonus, more controllers mean more people can play at one time.

If you opt for wireless controllers, a docking station to charge them is key. You might also consider purchasing external hard drives for your Xbox or PS4. That allows you to download more games without having to delete files to make space.

Other Considerations for Gaming Accessories

Ergonomics is a keyword for gaming accessories. A gaming session can go for hours on end, which means you need to be comfortable. Look for gaming accessories that are designed ergonomically (that is, to comfortably fit the contours of the human body in accordance with how the accessory is going to be used). You might opt for additional accessories to make yourself even more comfortable, such as a wrist rest, for example.

You’ll also have to make a decision around wired versus wireless accessories. While wireless accessories give you the option to move around and they keep your gaming space cleaner, their connection isn’t as stable. With wired accessories, you reduce the risk of buffering or latency, and they never need to be charged.

While an internet connection isn’t exactly an accessory, it is an essential component of gaming online. If you’re trying to improve your game, you’re going to need an exceptionally stable internet setup.

Esource Parts Gaming Accessories

The key accessories for gaming setup are a proper gaming chair, display, mouse, keyboard, controller, and headset. Although purchasing these things standard may save you a buck or two, your game will suffer. As you start taking gaming more seriously, you’ll want to have the gaming accessories that separate you from the casual gamer.

Ready to take your skill to the next level? Have a look at our gaming accessories here.

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