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Game Console Accessories

Making the most of your gaming experience takes more than what comes in the box. Game console accessories like grips, nunchuks, and wireless controllers make the difference between a casual gamer and someone who wants to win. But console gaming accessories and various adaptors also allow you to access your favorites from more devices and with more players.



While some prefer to game on their PC, other gamers are tied to their personal favorite console. Whether you’re using a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii, XBOX, or Playstation will inform what parts you need to take gaming to the next level. And if replacement parts are what you’re after, we’ve got that too.


Controller Options

Two wired controllers rarely cut it, especially if you want to bring more people into the gaming experience. For that, you’ll need third-party wired or wireless controllers that integrate smoothly with your console. You might also want to buy game console accessories that turn your regular controller into something easier to handle, whether that means adding grips or covers.


Power Supply

Is there anything worse than having to walk away from a good game because you need to charge your controller? If that’s happened to you, consider play and charge cables so you don’t miss a second of the action. Or, boost your power supply with replacement power packs that supercharge your console in a way your original can’t.


The Esource Parts Difference

We understand that gaming is more than just playing games, and for many gamers, the full experience means adding game console accessories that don’t come out of the box. Regardless of the system, you’re using, we have options for expanding your controllers and their capabilities, keeping a reliable power supply, and adapting your favorite games to your needs.

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