Choosing a Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

wireless gaming keyboard and mouse

More than 2.5 million people across the globe are active gamers.

What separates your everyday gamer from someone who takes it seriously is their equipment. Gamers who want to improve know that they need a wireless gaming keyboard and mouse.

Your regular keyboard and mouse just don’t cut it for the needs of today’s games. Whether you prefer RPG or FPS, the best wireless keyboard and mouse for gaming can take your skill to the next level.

What Qualifies a Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse?

Is there really a difference between a wireless gaming keyboard and mouse and a regular keyboard and mouse? Is a gaming keyboard and mouse important or just a marketing shtick?

We get this question all this time, and it’s a fair one. The truth is, there’s a big difference. A gaming keyboard and mouse are made with more durability as well as extra features and options that make gaming more fluid and can really help improve your game.

For example, gaming keyboards have programmable keys, switch options, and back lighting. A gaming mouse has grip options, DPI options, as well as software customization options.

Wireless Gaming Keyboard Considerations

Not sure what any of those features have to do with your game? Let’s go through each in more detail so you can understand what makes the best wireless keyboard and mouse for gaming.

Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting

With a standard keyboard, you have 1- or 2-key rollover. That means that the keyboard only registers one or two keypresses at once. Any additional keypresses won’t be registered, which is also known as ghosting.

On a gaming keyboard, you usually have a minimum of 6-key rollover. That means the keyboard is capable of measuring at least 6 key presses at one time.

Switch Types

Your keyboard can have either a membrane or mechanical switch type. These are the switches that sit underneath each key and register keypresses.

Gamers typically opt for a mechanical switch. Mechanical switches tend to be more durable. They also offer a tactile bump, so you can feel each keypress when the switch actuates.

Keep in mind, though, that mechanical switches can be loud. So, if you use your keyboard as much as for typing as you do gaming, remember that the noise could start bothering you (or the people around you).

Materials and Build

A gaming keyboard needs to be a little more durable than one that’s built solely for typing. That’s why the latter are usually made from PVC plastic. It’s inexpensive to build and purchase but they don’t take wear and tear very well.

A gaming keyboard is built with stronger materials, such as ABS plastic which is strong enough to withstand repeated and forceful keypresses. A quality gaming keyboard will also have a metal backplate. That extra feature means it won’t bend or break.

Bluetooth or RF Dongle

With a wireless gaming keyboard, you can choose between Bluetooth or Radio Frequency (RF) dongle.

With Bluetooth, you can connect to smartphones and tablets. But RF dongle is a good option if you’re only gaming with a PC or Mac. It makes pairing a lot simpler.


Almost every gaming keyboard comes with backlighting. There are two options here: single or full backlighting.

Single backlighting gives you the choice of brightness. But a full, per-key RGB offers individual key customization and other effects.

Software Customization

By far the biggest advantage to a gaming keyboard is the ability to customize keys. You can reprogram any key to function how you want it to. Some of the best gaming keyboards will also have additional keys that you can use for anything.

Wireless Mouse Considerations

A gaming mouse also has features that make it more comfortable and easier to game the way you want to. Next, we’ll take you through some of the features you should look for when purchasing the best wireless gaming mouse.

Laser Versus Optical

There are two options for mouse sensors that impact your gaming: laser or optical.

A laser sensor is great because it works on any surface and you don’t even need a mouse pad. The downside of this option is that it has a higher lift-off distance than an optical mouse. That means it can cause unintentional, in-game movements.

For that reason, many gamers prefer an optical mouse. You won’t run the risk of making unintentional movements and you’ll just need to purchase a great mouse pad to ensure the sensor can read the surface at all times.


DPI refers to dots per inch. This is a measurement of mouse sensor sensitivity. Essentially, higher DPIs mean you don’t need to move the mouse as much to get the same level of movement on the screen.

You’ll need a mouse with a low DPI if you use fast hand movements over a large area. You would opt for a higher DPI if you use small and precise movements across a smaller area.


There are three types of grip on wireless gaming mice: palm grip, tip grip, and claw grip.

Palm grip is the standard. This mouse allows your entire palm to rest on the mouse while your fingers lay flat on the buttons.

With tip grip, your palm doesn’t touch the body of the mouse. Your thumb grips the side of the mouse while the tips of your ring, middle, and index finger rest on the left, center, and mouse buttons.

Claw grip is a balance between palm and tip grip. Your finger and thumb angle toward the buttons while your palm rests on the back of the mouse.

Software Customization

Like gaming keyboards, a gaming mouse usually has customizable options. You can usually customize buttons, set DPI options, and fiddle with the lighting. Depending on the software, you might also be able to make adjustments for your mouse pad or set custom button options for different games.

Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for Gaming (+ Accessories)

Now that you know what features to look for as well as their benefits, here are some of your options for the best wireless keyboard and mouse for gaming as well as accessories.

Ergonomic Design Wired Single-handed Gamepad Keypad

If you want to make your game efficient, consider a one-handed gaming keyboard. Ergonomically designed for the comfort of both left and right-handed gamers, it features dedicated multimedia keys, programmable function and arrow keys, and a portable design so it can come with you anywhere you want to game.

Ergonomic 2.4Ghz Wireless Optical Mouse with USB Receiver

With an optical sensor made to eliminate unintentional on-screen movements, this gaming mouse also features 6 buttons, 10 million times key life, and a 10 meter wireless working distance. If you’re not sure what DPI works best for you, you can adjust this mouse from 800 to 1200 to 1600 DPI and get a feel for what works best.

This same mouse is also available in black if grey isn’t your colour of choice.

Keyboard + Mouse Wrist Rest Pad Cushion Support Set for Office/Computer/Laptop/Mac

Improve your hand and wrist posture to alleviate joint pain with this cushion support set for both your keyboard and your mouse. The memory foam technology means it molds to suit you and the slow bounce back makes gaming for hours on end far more comfortable.

RGB Gaming Non Slip Mouse Pad

For precise mouse control of both laser and optical mice, with a little extra colour, choose this RGB non-slip gaming mouse pad. It has 7 static light modes and 7 dynamic modes for plenty of colourful options plus it’s double stitched and superfine fiber braided for durability.

RGB Gaming Non Slip Mouse Pad – Extended Size

This mouse pad offers all the same benefits described above but with a little extra room to move around. While the standard size is 250 x 300 x 3mm, this one is an extended 300 x 780 x 3mm.

Looking for a More Gaming Accessories?

A wireless gaming keyboard and mouse is more than just a marketing tool to get you to buy something you don’t need. These keyboards and mice are designed with the gamer in mind and have the features and benefits to back it up. If you’re looking to improve your skill and take your gaming to the next level, an investment in the best wireless keyboard and mouse for gaming is worth every penny.

And no matter what type of gaming you’re into, you can find the best prices and highest quality products in stock at Esource Parts. Check out our gaming accessories here.

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