4 Must-Have Work From Home Accessories

work from home accessories

Work from home has gained a lot of popularity, especially during the ongoing pandemic. Working from home is generally more convenient to people than working at an office, however, it requires some necessary things so that you can actually work at home without encountering any issues. This includes some key accessories to make sure you face no difficulty while you work. Esource Parts has a wide range of accessories ranging from mobile phone gadgets to home accessories but in this blog post, we list down some of the most useful accessories that you can get to make working from home easier and simpler.

H-U15A Hybrid Headphone with Mic

Communication is an integral part of working from home. Perhaps the most sought after accessory for working from home is a good pair of headphones with mic for taking calls. What you need is a headset that has excellent sound quality and a high-quality microphone. This is where the H-U15A hybrid headphone with mic comes in handy. The hybrid design allows you to connect the headphones via a USB port (for your computer or laptop) or 3.5mm jack (for your tablet and phone). This headset is all you need to make sure perfect communication between you and your co-workers. The headset features a noise-canceling function to eliminate any background noises and clean the sound to allow clear communication. The headphones come along with a 360-degree rotation feature and the headband is adjustable to make sure it can fit on heads of different sizes. The lightweight design ensures that you can wear these headphones for long periods of time without worrying about hurting your ears.

H-U15A Hybrid Headphone with Mic

Cable Organizer

Working from home requires managing of things to make sure your home does not look like your workplace. It is understandable that you cannot work without creating a little fuss at your home. However, you can manage things using accessories to keep the working stuff look good. Wires are one of the most troubling things while you work from home. However, we have something to arrange them in a proper manner. This cable organizer is the tidy management cable holder that will keep your wires tidy enough. You can your headphones, mouse, keyboard, and any sort of USB cables to this cable holder. This easy to install silicone cable holder will make sure none of your wires get tangled. You can keep the wires needed while you work from home in an organized manner using this cable holder that will also save space for you.

Cable Organizer

Adjustable Cell Phone Stand for iPad

It can be difficult to hold an iPad for long as your hand can get tired. Whether you are taking notes or giving a presentation, the best way to avoid hand cramps from holding your tablet or smartphone is to get a hold of a cell phone stand. This is exactly where the adjustable Gooseneck Lazy Mount for iPad comes in handy. The accessory is made up of a durable alloy that lets it bend freely. It is coated with a high-grade leather surface that makes it look elegant. It can attach to your desk, car seat, chair, and more using the clamp. Moreover, there are soft pads to make sure your device does not get any damage. It is easy to install and can rotate up to 360 degrees as well.

Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

Super Slim 1600 DPI Magic USB Wireless Mouse

The mouse is one of the most essential accessories while you work from home. This wireless mouse provides a reliable connection to up to 10 meters. It has a USB nano receiver at the back of the mouse. Once you plug in the receiver, the mouse is ready to use. It is a portable mouse that is easy to carry in a laptop bag or sleeve. It is a silent mouse that makes sure that your click makes no sound. Three DPI levels allow you to control the speed of the wireless mouse. The response is smooth and accurate and can work well even if used without pad. The design is slim and smooth to offer you a smooth and comfortable feel while you use it. The USB wireless mouse is compatible with most of the devices including PCs with Windows 7 onwards and Mac.

USB Wireless Mouse

Final Words

There are countless accessories out there that can assist you during these tough times, but we have listed down some of the most popular ones. You can browse through these products or a wide range of other accessories at Esource Parts. No matter what type of accessories you are looking for, we guarantee that we will provide the best prices for it!

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