Kickback Universal 360 Rotatable Cellphone Kickstand & Grip Compatible With iPhone Samsung Android SmartPhones - Checker Black

Phone Stand for All Size Phones and Phone Cases!

  • Mini kickstand and phone grip.
  • Stand your phone at all angles!
  • Use your phone Hands-Free: Live Stream, Record Videos, Watch Movies, Take Photos on a Timer, Facetime, and so much more!
  • Doubles as a Phone Grip, Phone Mount, and Phone Holder!
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It allows you to prop your phone up both vertically and horizontally at all angles, so you can get that perfect angle to video chat hands-free with Grandma, watch cat videos, record yourself singing Adele, or prop your phone up to take family photos with the timer function on your phone's camera.

It's the perfect mobile phone stand! And when you're done, it folds flat to your phone so you can easily slip it back into your pocket!

KickBack also doubles as a convenient phone grip! It fits comfortably between your fingers to provide a safe, secure hold of your phone. It lets you take selfies like a pro. It lets you text with one hand. And it lets you scroll through Instagram while laying in bed without fear of dropping your phone on your face.

Whether you prop your phone at your desk to stay on top of notifications, read recipes while you're cooking, watch a movie on an airplane tray table, or fix your makeup using your front camera as a mirror, KickBack has you covered!

It goes where you go, and its always there when you need it. KickBack Phone Stand is a total game-changer and it will forever transform the way you use your phone!

Product Dimensions:


  • Length (when folded flat): 3 inches
  • Width: 1.25 inches
  • Thickness (when folded flat): 0.375 inches
  • Height (when folded out 90 degrees): 2.5 inches
More Information
Brand Universal
Accessories TypeStand / Mount
Type of AccessoryStand Holder
ColorMulti Color


10 units available