Safety Accessories For Traveling During COVID-19

safety accessories for travelling during covid-19

The world is facing a really hard time these days because of the COVID-19 outbreak. People are told to stay at home and follow all the SOPs to prevent the virus. It is not allowed to travel but there can be emergencies and people might travel for some reason. Therefore, some products are essential for safety purposes while you travel during the pandemic.

Face Masks

Face masks are perhaps the most important travel accessory these days. It prevents any sort of virus or harmful bacteria to enter into your body. It protects you from small particles on air, dust, pollen, and much more. They are simple and effective that covers your nose and mouth properly while allowing you to breathe effortlessly. Most face masks are unisex and anyone can use them. The coronavirus enters through the mouth or nose and this makes mask a compulsory thing while you travel during the outbreak and as they will keep you safe and protected while you go out in public such as airports or train stations etc. Moreover, they can be used for other purposes as well. You can wear it while cycling, exercising, and while you work on your vehicle.

Face mask
Face mask

Multi-Functional Mobile Phone Sanitizer Box

Mobile phones are necessary these days and nearly everyone has his or her own mobile phone. However, they can be the most harmful thing for you. People put their mobile phones on tables, counters, and places like these where there is so much interaction and that place might have coronavirus on it. This way, the virus has a high probability of reaching your hands. It is not very easy to sanitize your phone but this phone sanitizer box makes it easy for you. You can place your phone inside the sterilizer and it will then disinfect and virus or bacteria using the UV rays. It is a portable device that can be charged and you can carry it with you wherever you like. You can counter many places while traveling where you might get your mobile phone in touch with the virus and this sterilizer will help you remove any harmful thing present on your mobile phone.

Phone sanitizer box
Phone sanitizer box

Qi Portable Multi-Function Wireless Charger

Your phone needs to be charged as the battery will eventually die if not put on charge. While you travel, you have to charge it using the public mobile phone chargers that can somehow bring the coronavirus to you due to a majority of people using it. The Qi portable multifunction wireless charger would not let you get affected by the virus. This wireless charger is not just a charger but it doubles as a power bank as well. A portable 2 in 1 device that you can carry easily while you travel. It has two wired charging outputs and one wireless charging output. It features a massive 10000mAh battery to help you keep your phone charged and ready at all times. This wireless charger and power bank will keep you safe and protected as there is no longer a need to use public chargers while you travel.

Wireless Charger with Power Bank
Wireless Charger with Power Bank

Mini Wireless Handsfree Earbuds with Microphone

Traveling alone is boring sometimes and you need something to get yourself busy. During the outbreak, you cannot talk to people during flights as a social distance is maintained. Thus, an earphone is something that can keep you entertained. The mini wireless handsfree earbuds will not let you get bored. You can watch movies, listen to music, and can talk on calls using these invisible earphones. They are so light and natural that you may sometimes forget that they are present in your ear. It offers one-button control that you can use to do nearly everything such as on/off, answer/reject calls, play/pause, etc. It is small and easy to carry around. These wireless handsfree earbuds s can connect with most of the smartphones and other Bluetooth devices.

Wireless Earbuds
Wireless Earbuds

Final Words

Traveling requires a lot of necessary stuff especially when you are traveling during this coronavirus outbreak. The essential products described above may not fulfill all of your requirements. Therefore, you can visit Esource Parts to find out essential things for you and get them delivered at your doorstep.

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