Top 5 Bike Accessories For Long Distance Touring on Motorcycle

Bike accessories

Long-distance bike tours might sound unrealistic to some people, but there is a large number of people that choose bikes for their tours. Some choose bikes because they do not own a car. However, the majority choose bikes because they like to ride on long routes and enjoy their tours differently. Whatever the reason, some people consider their bikes the same ascars to travel on long routes. As cars require accessories for long-distance touring, bikes also need them. Maybe bikes require some more useful accessories because of the nature of the vehicle. You say the word accessory and Esource Parts is here to serve you. There is a large variety of accessories available at Esource Parts but we can only share a few with you. However, you can choose anything you like according to your preferences.

1. HD 1080P Helmet Action Camera

One of the benefits of using a bike for your tour is that you do not need to get out of the window to record things. However, you cannot use a camera or mobile while riding. For this, we present you an HD 1080P helmet action camera, a high definition action camera that can fit on to your helmet and you can record anything while you ride. With a high definition screen display and 12 megapixels HD wide-angle lens, this camera will record or capture everything in detail. It has a water-resistant casing that allows it to record in rain or water too. It supports SD cards to up to 32GB and allows the users to record in multiple formats such as 1080p, 720p, WVGA, and MOV. It has a detachable battery that increases your camera’s service life and you can even record while charging. This camera is perfect for long-distance bike riders as it allows them to record or capture the beauty while the travel without disturbing them.

helmet action camera
Helmet action camera

2. MultiFunctional Bike Gadget Water Bottle and Bluetooth Speaker for Camping

It is hard to carry stuff on a bike and you cannot stop everywhere to take out things from your bag pack. Motorcycles also do not have any built-in music systems or speakers and bikers usually fail to enjoy music on speakers while they travel. However, the accessories we offer makes everything possible. The multi-function bike gadget, a water bottle, and BT wireless speaker is something for bike travelers. You can drink while you ride and listen to songs on speakers using this accessory. Moreover, it has a compass too that will help you in case you need to find a way while you travel. Motorcycle riders should not worry anymore about listening to music or drinking some water while traveling.

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Water bottle with bluetooth speaker
Water Bottle with bluetooth speaker

3. Universal Accessory Kit for Action Camera

This accessory is something for bike riders that consider cameras as their need. This universal accessory kit for the camera makes it possible for bikers to capture things in different ways using the things it offers. The wrist strap and car suction cup mount allow you to attach your camera on your wrist or motorcycles and cars. The wrist strap features 360 rotation that lets you adjust angles while you capture. The lightweight mini tripod for smartphones can be used for reading, watching videos, or long phone calls. The selfie stick allows you to capture things with your face. You can capture group selfies too as it can open up more than 1 feet. The chest and head strap allow you to capture things without handling. It offers hands-free footage with a sports camera that will record things just like you see them. It is an adjustable strap that can fit a wide range of bodies.

Action Camera kit for bike rider
Accessories Kit for action camera

4. Motorcycle Mobile Phone Holder

This universal mobile phone holder allows you to clip your mobile phone on your motorcycle. Bikers always felt worried about GPS as they do not have screens like cars. However, they can use this holder to use their mobile phones for maps and other stuff.

Motorcycle mobile phone holder
Motorcycle mobile phone holder

5. Universal Bike/Bicycle Strap Band Phone Holder

This holder is similar to the one listed above but features a different material. It is a silicon holder that holds the phone securely on your motorcycle. This removes all the worry about your phone slipping away while you ride. It is a high-elastic bike band that is easy to mount and remove. This silicon strap is suitable for all types of handlebars.

Bike Strap band phone holder
Bike Strap band phone holder

Final Words

We have only described a few accessories for long-distance bike travelers, but there is a wide range of products available at Esource Parts. You can choose any accessory you like and get them delivered at your doorstep.

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