Best Tripod for iPhone

In 2021, approximately 3.8 billion people around the world have smartphones.

Many of those smartphones are equipped with sophisticated cameras, giving billions of people the potential to take incredible photographs. But taking great photos with your phone requires more than a beautiful subject.

To really use an iPhone camera like a professional, you need the best tripod for iPhone. These handy accessories make long exposure photos possible and videos easier. They come in different types and with a variety of features to suit the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and selfie-takers alike.

To learn more about the benefits and features of the best tripod for iPhone, and for recommendations on the best ones out there, keep reading.

Why Buy an iPhone Tripod?

A tripod is traditionally a stand for a camera. An iPhone tripod is a stand for your smartphone that enables hands-free photos and videos. Like traditional tripods, they have three legs, typically braced around a center post, with a mount for your iPhone on top.

But what exactly are the benefits of these accessories? 

Long Exposure Photos

Long exposure photos are usually used for landscape photography. It softens and smooths things like clouds or bodies of water.

These shots require the shutter to be open for at least a couple of seconds. Any movement while the shutter is open will impact the clarity of the shot. A tripod can hold the camera completely steady for this type of photography.

Low Light Photos

To capture more light when you’re in low light conditions, you have to use lower shutter speeds. But, like long exposure photos, this requires that the camera is completely steady. Movement, while the shutter is open, can cause noise and blurriness.

A tripod comes in handy for shooting great photos with very little light, like at night or in a dark indoor setting.

Smoother Shots

Some of the best tripods for the iPhone have a mount that facilitates smooth movements. This comes in handy when you’re taking panoramas, for example, because they require that the camera is held in one place while it’s moved. It may also be helpful when taking a series of photos of a fast-moving subject.


Selfies are limiting. There’s only so much you can capture with your arm held out in front of you or a selfie stick.

With a tripod, you can snap photos of yourself from any distance and capture the entire scene. That benefit is especially helpful when you’re traveling solo or when you want to take group pictures that include everyone.

Video Calls and Conferencing

If you find yourself in a lot of Google Hang Outs and Zoom calls, a tripod is a great investment. It provides a stable platform so that you’re free to make notes and type (and you’ll be able to set it up so as to capture your good angles).


Tripods should be number one in your toolbox if you’re shooting video with your smartphone. Shooting video in your hands can easily result in shaky, poor-quality clips. But a tripod holds the smartphone steady while you shoot time-lapses or vlogs on the road.

What to Look for in the Best Tripod for iPhone

There are some features you’ll want to consider before making a tripod purchase. These are items such as the type of tripod you want, the head, the height, and weight as well as the stability. Learn more about each of these features below.

Types of Tripods

There are three main types of tripods for the iPhone.

The first is a traditional tripod, which is the most common. It has three collapsible legs, a mount for the smartphone, and can be made with various materials.

A flexible tripod, or an octopus tripod, is a tripod with flexible legs. The legs can be folded and adjusted so they can be wrapped around objects.

Tablepods are the smallest tripods for smartphones you can find. They’re meant to be placed on a flat surface and many of them don’t have legs. These are a good option for vlogging.


The most common type of head you’ll find on a tripod for an iPhone is a ball head. The ball rotates so that the camera can be adjusted in a multitude of ways.

Some more advanced tripods may come with other types of heads. This includes pan and tilt heads which you have to twist to unlock to allow for movement or pistol grip heads that have a pistol-like grip that’s squeezed to unlock in order to position the camera.

Height and Weight

In terms of height, think about whether you’re more likely to be taking table-top or ground-level shots. If so, then you’ll want a tripod small enough to get the right angles from that surface.

Weight considerations matter less when you’re taking most of your photos and videos at home. But if you’re trekking with your tripod or carrying it around the city, you’ll want to consider how much it weighs. Plastic and aluminum tripods tend to be on the lighter side but maybe less durable than other materials.


If you’re a nature photographer, then you’ll need an iPhone tripod that can withstand the unknowns of the outdoors. That means your tripod has to be able to stand up in rough terrain or bad weather.

Look for tripods with multi-angle legs or claws for feet. There are also tripods with hooks on the center column. Weights can be attached to those hooks to keep the tripod stable in any condition.

The Best Tripod for iPhone

Now that you know what you’re looking for, here are some of the best tripods for iPhone we offer at Esource Parts.

360 Universal Octopus Tripod Stand Holder

This universal octopus tripod has a 360-degree ball head that allows you to shoot at whatever angle your subject requires. The flexible legs have nine socket joints, each with a 360-degree range, so you can level any photo on any terrain. For more than just iPhone, it’s also compatible with Android and most digital cameras.

Selfie Stick Tripod with Bluetooth Remote

This selfie stick doubles as a tripod that’s great for taking ground-level or tabletop photos and video. It comes with a Bluetooth remote that’s easy to set up and makes selfies, self-portraits, and group photos easy. Universally compatible with Android and iPhone, it folds up to just under 8” and extends to longer than 27”.

Universal Flexible Selfie Stick Tripod with Bluetooth

Another two-in-one, this selfie stick, and a flexible monopod are compatible with even more devices. Hook it up to your iPhone, Android, GoPro, and most digital cameras. All of those devices fit comfortably in the adjustable mounting bracket so they’re 100% secure and you can take photos anywhere and everywhere with a flexible leg that wraps onto any surface.

Universal 18X Zoom HD Telephoto Camera with Tripod

When you really want to take professional photos with your camera, try this 18x zoom phone lens. You can take clearer photos of smaller subjects or those that are far away. It works with both iPhone and Android phones and comes with a tripod to stabilize your camera before taking the best shots you’ve ever taken.

More iPhone and iPad Accessories at Esource Parts

Taking the best photos with your iPhone requires the best tripod for iPhone. You’d be surprised what your phone is capable of with just this one additional accessory, and they’re available in all sizes and varieties to suit your photography needs.

For more iPhone and iPad accessories that help you make the most of your device, check out our full stock of accessories here.

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