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• The compatible sensor bar can be used with Nintendo Wii Console, perfect if you have the Nintendo Wii basic package which does not include the sensor bar as standard.
• The sensor bar will also work with the premium pack Nintendo Wii and the new Wii console, a great replacement if your previous sensor bar is lost, broken or damaged.
• It works just like the new Wired Motion Sensor Bar with simple plug and plays installation, it does not require batteries or any power adapter.
• Have you lost or broken your Nintendo Wii Wired Motion Sensor Bar? Replace your faulty or broken sensor bar with this new one. The sensor bar can be placed either above or below the TV screen.
• The front of the sensor bar should be aligned close to the front of the TV. You simply insert the sensor bar plug into the sensor bar connector on the back of the console and enjoy. 100% Satisfaction and Guarantee. Great value for your Money.
Wired Motion Sensor Bar Infrared Ray Connector Plugs for Nintendo Wii

This is a replacement Wired Motion Sensor Bar for your Nintendo Wii. Easily plug and play, all you have to do is adjust the calibration of the sensor. Long cable allows you to mount the sensor above your television or on the wall without worrying about overstretching the cable. If your old sensor bar is lost, broken or damaged. That's a perfect replacement or extra Wired Motion Sensor Bar for Nintendo Wii you.

Want another to avoid the hassle of having to go behind your entertainment center when traveling with your Nintendo Wii? Plug it in and place it above or below your TV - just like you would the one that came with your console. Boasting the same features as the new one, including a durable stand, now you can enjoy the convenience of having another without any compromises.

Specification & Features:

• Color: Black
• Plug and play
• Easy and convenience to use.
• Compatible with: Nintendo Wii.
• You only need to connect the wired.
• Sensor bar plug to the Nintendo Wii
• Great replacement for Nintendo Wii sensor bar
• Long connection cable provides versatile setup options.
• Replace your faulty or broken wired sensor bar on your Nintendo Wii / Wii U with this bar.
• Ideal for use with the Nintendo Wii basic package with including the sensor bar in the box.
• The wired sensor bar is supposed to more accurate and more reliable than a wireless sensor bar.

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