Triwing Tri-Wing Screw Driver For Wii Nds Ndsl Wii Gba

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•3-Point tri-wing screwdriver is produced to the high standards and it is suitable for doing it yourself a laptop, charger devices, and much more upgrades and for the opening. The fancy non-slip stripes process on handle surface make the operation comfortable, improve the work efficiency at your own operation on telecommunication devices.
•The design of this tool is specifically tailored to remove the screws from your device. Best repairing tool for your cracked/faulted devices. The P3 tri-wing screwdriver is compatible with all laptops, tabs, and other electronic devices which have the 3 point tri-wing screws.
•The high-quality material handle with the rubber surface. This screwdriver has a nice swiveling end so you don’t have to twist your hand to remove a small screw, you can spin the driver instead. Ideal for telecommunication tools.
•Easy to get access to deep screws on the Wii. This screwdriver features an ergonomic hard plastic grip and widely used in electronic tool equipment smart-family, repair tools for the smart family, general electronic components. Its magnetic tip keeps screws straight pull up.
•It also works perfectly well with the DS, DS Lite, and Gameboy Advance SP2. With this tool, you can repair any possible issues with your device easily. Can seamlessly reach the deep screws on the Wii casing
sturdy, durable and quality professional screwdriver.

Triwing Y-Type Tri-Wing Screw Driver Compatible with Nintendo Wii Nds Ndsl Wii Gba

This Tri-Wing Screw Driver is designed to open with the screws on the bottom case of many electronic devices such as the laptops, cellphones, smartphones, charger, adapters etc. Tri-wing screwdriver is uniquely designed for many devices in which they are found. The head of the screws looks like the shape of a tri-flower with three petals. The P3 driver is compatible with the 3-point star-shaped screws. Tri-wing screwdriver security fasteners used on the bottom of some laptops.

This P3 tri-wing screw driver's ergonomic handle provides the user with a controlled grip to allow precise and deliberate schemes while working with small components. The professional repair tool and has a magnetized tip to improve handling of the tiny electronics screws. When you are working to repairing the laptops or other microdevices. It is possible that you need this screwdriver and even other tools. The screwdriver is special for some devices which have tri-wing screws.


•Lightweight, durable and portable.
•The fixed driver makes frequent repairs much easier.
•Sturdy precision driver with a solid metal shaft, rubberized plastic handle.
•It is works just as well as home as it does in the workshop or while traveling.
•Open or Close telecommunication devices cover with this adequate screwdriver.

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Gaming ConsoleWii


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