T7000 Super Adhesive Phone Touch Screen Frame Repair Sealant Liquid Black Glue - 15ml

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    T7000 Super Adhesive Phone Touch Screen Frame Repair Sealant Liquid Black Glue - 15ml

    Secure your phone's components like never before with the T7000 Super Adhesive Phone Touch Screen Frame Repair Sealant, an ideal solution compatible with iPhone touch screens and frames, among other devices. This powerful liquid black glue, coming in a 15ml tube, is designed for those seeking an enduring bond for their device's parts.

    Why choose the T7000 Super Adhesive for your repair needs?

    • Robust Bonding: Offers unmatched adhesion, creating a secure and durable seal between the touch screen and frame.
    • Versatile Use: Not limited to iPhones; it is compatible with a wide range of devices needing reliable adhesive solutions.
    • Precision Application: Its formulation allows for controlled, mess-free applications, particularly in intricate repair tasks.
    • Resistant Properties: Once cured, it withstands moisture, temperature variations, and vibrations, ensuring the longevity of repairs.

    In addition to these benefits, this glue stands out as an all-encompassing solution for all electronic repairs. Whether securing a replacement screen, fastening the back cover on your phone, or undertaking various phone and tablet repairs, T7000 has got you covered. Its versatility makes it effective for use across all phone and tablet models, providing an essential tool in every repair toolkit.

    Suitable for DIY enthusiasts willing to undertake their own devices' repairs and professional technicians in search of a reliable adhesive, the T7000 glue is your go-to for touch screen and frame sealant requirements.

    While easy to use, achieving the best results with the T7000 Super Adhesive demands patience and precision. For enduring repair outcomes and device functionality's sake, it's recommended to read instructions carefully or consider a professional's service if unsure.

    • SKU 39591
    • Condition New
    • Color Black
    • Tools Type Adhesive
    • Compatible Brand Universal

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