Replacement Part for Samsung Galaxy S6 Series Battery

Features: ● The Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery is non-removable and is not easily changed. You have to disassemble your phone to replace the battery. ● This Galaxy S6 battery replacement will NOT be shipped with the disassembly tools. ● This Galaxy S6 Battery is a brand new and original replacement. ● This replacement battery is compatible with all Galaxy S6 models.
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• This is a brand new Replacement Battery Compatible With Samsung Galaxy S6 Series. Stay connected with your family and friends by getting extra battery power today!

• This battery features Lithium Ion Technology, which ensures maximum battery life and maximum power. Great bargain with excellent quality guaranteed.
• The integrated microchip inside prevents overcharging and lengthens battery life.
• Our battery is sent out with little or no power, so please be fully charged for about 4 - 6 hours before first using, the phone must be turned off.
• These Internal batteries are designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy S6 Series.

Internal Replacement Battery Compatible With Samsung Galaxy S6 Series

Batteries in smartphones work like any other battery - they wear out with time. After about 6 month’s usage, a decrease in battery life by 10-20% is usual. Furthermore, when the battery is really worn out, it's common that the percentage jumps or switches quickly. In some cases, the phone switches off when the battery is running low (at 10-30%) or when a high-performance application, such as GPS, is being used.

The Replacement Battery compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6 Series can resolve issues like:

• Not Charging
• Defective battery
• Quick Battery Drain
• Unexpected Shutdowns
• Afraid to Go Out in Longer
• Charge Several Times a Day

Battery Maintenance:

? do not allow the battery into water.
? do not put the battery at full power after long-term preservation.
? do not use a bad charger, avoid charging dissatisfaction or damage the battery.
? do not put the battery heating or in the fire, otherwise, there is a risk of explosion.
? do not metal products contact the battery, to prevent the occurrence of short circuit.

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Compatible BrandSamsung
Compatible Phone ModelGalaxy S6
Part TypeBattery


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