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Tablets fall somewhere between a laptop and a smartphone, performing all the same tasks and running all the same programs, just on a better budget. They make light and portable entertainment systems for reading, watching video, gaming, or just simply browsing the web. But they also come in handy inside and outside of the office when you need to give presentations, organize your spreadsheets, or view documents.


The great travel companions that they are, both the hardware and software of your tablet see a lot of mileage. With tablet replacement parts for every brand and for every working piece, you can keep your tablet performing like new.


Every Brand

While the iPad was the first tablet to take the world by storm, the market has since exploded and, today, many of the top names in electronics offer their variations. We carry iPad replacement parts as well as tablet replacement parts for every brand, from Samsung and HTC to Huawei, LG, Acer, and others.  


Every Part

Keeping your tablet in tip-top condition means replacing external pieces like your display, housing, and home buttons, but did you know you can also get tablet replacement parts for internal pieces like your camera and battery? Whether you’re looking for individual parts or wholesale tablet replacement parts, we offer the best prices for the highest quality.


Guaranteed Parts and Great Repairs

All of our parts, individual and wholesale, are covered under our two exchange guarantees. Exchange unmodified parts within 15 days of your purchase or defective parts within 10 months. And if you’re not sure what part you need or how to fix it, our friendly and knowledgeable techs can help you from purchase to repair.


The Esource Parts Difference

You don’t have to buy a new tablet when your display cracks or your battery stops holding a charge – all you need are the tablet replacement parts we carry at Esource Parts and our helpful staff. We’ll find the part you need, and we’ll even repair it, all at a cost that makes keeping your tablet working affordable.

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