Nintendo Dsi / XL Replacement Power Socket Connector Jack Port

NINTENDO DSi / XL REPLACEMENT POWER SOCKET CONNECTOR JACK PORT Replacement Power Socket/Jack for Nintendo DSi, DSi XL *A brand new high quality power port slot replacement for your Nintendo DSi, DSi XL . Works as well as the original. *If your DSi, DSi XL has suddenly stopped charging, the internal connectors of the port are damaged or your cable seems loose and doesn't snap onto the port correctly then you will need a new power port! Please also make sure that you have checked the 2 internal fuses because charging problems can also occur when the fuse is faulty. *Soldering skills to desolder and to solder the new part to the motherboard are needed. *Item will only fit a Nintendo DSi, DSi XL. No manual or instruction provided.
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• One of the worst things that can happen to your gaming device is a power supply problem. If that’s the case, that could mean that your power supply port Jack is damaged. This Connector Jack replacement is compatible with Nintendo Dsi/XL. If you are unable to charge your gaming device properly then this a part of your device which you required.
• Brand new with high-quality, this is the right product you have been looking for if you have a non-functional old charging socket. Which is well-matched with its respective branded product and make your gaming device work more refreshing than ever. Best replacement home Power Socket Connector Jack Port for your gaming device.
• This is a replacement part for your defective device charging port. Loose connection or charging issues/sync issues, this replacement part is designed to fix these issues. Made out of professional high-grade good quality and durable. A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its new packaging.
• With this replacement part, you no longer have to worry about your device Power Socket Connector Jack Port or cracked. If you have problems charging your device, this best replacement part is what you need. This one part can fix many problems quickly and increase the life of your gaming device.
• Are you having trouble charging your gaming device? If so this replacement charging port could solve the fault. If the charging port of your device is not working, that means it’s time to replace some parts inside your device. High-Quality Charging Connector Port Connector Jack Compatible with Nintendo Dsi/XL.

Power Socket Connector Jack Port Replacement Part Compatible with Nintendo Dsi/XL

When you’re having problems on the charging port of your gaming device, this is the excellent replacement part. This is built to perfectly fit and connect to your device motherboard. It can help charge perfect your device without any difficulty. Did you leave your device charging for hours only to find out that it wasn’t even charged one bit? This charging port Connector Jack is the answer to your problem in case you can’t charge your device due to connectivity issues. It’s made to be Compatible with Nintendo Dsi/XL.

The Power Socket Connector Jack Port is used in charging your device. If it is not charging your device or your cable is not plugging in properly to get a charge connection, it is best to replace it with this reliable replacement part. If your device is no longer charging, then this replacement part may help fix it. It is used to repair replace your wrong, damaged, cracked, not recognized Charging Port part.

Specification & Features:

• Compatible with Nintendo Dsi/XL
• Durable and High-quality replacement part
• It is used to repair faulty, crack, broken charging port
• 100% Brand New and High-Quality Power Supply Port
• brand is a Registered Trademark, Buy with confidence
• Replace your broken or unworkable charging port with this new one

The Power Socket Connector Jack Port Replacement Part Compatible with Nintendo Dsi/XL can resolve issues like:

• Burnt connector jack
• The Device is not charging
• Connector jack with broken pins

What’s included:

One (1) Power Socket Connector Jack Port Replacement Part Compatible with Nintendo Dsi/XL

Customer Support:

Any problem or question, please feel free to contact us for the first time, we will resolve for you as soon as possible. We are always here to serve you!"

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Brand Nintendo
Gaming ConsoleDSi XL, DSi
Part TypePower Socket Connector


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