Nintendo DSi / XL Replacement Slot 1 Card Socket

NINTENDO DSi / XL REPLACEMENT SLOT 1 CARD SOCKET Fix your DSi & DSi XL Slot-1 socket with this socket replacement. This item requires soldering skills to install
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• Your gaming device is a good portable device for gaming. However, if your console has stopped working or fails to read games, you may need to replace the card socket. This perfect replacement part is the best way to fix problems like those.
• This is a replacement part Compatible with Nintendo DSi / XL Console card slot. It fixes your broken card socket. When the games don't eject correctly, read errors consistently in different games or games eject on their own accord, you could use this item to solve the problem.
• If your console is no longer reading games or is intermittent then it is possibly time to replace the game slot. This high-quality replacement can be fitted to restore the functionality of your game console. This replacement part is Compatible with Nintendo DSi / XL Console.
• Are you considering replacing your gaming device because of its part, particularly the One 1 Slot Card Socket malfunctioning? You don't have to purchase a new gadget just yet! This is because your component problems can be easily solved by getting this product compatible with Nintendo DSi / XL Console.
• Replace your broken or unusable internal Part with a new one and each Replacement Part has been checked and in good condition before shipping. This replacement One 1 Slot Card Socket is made from the best quality material.

One 1 Slot Card Socket Premium Quality Replacement Part Compatible with Nintendo DSi / XL Console

This replacement part could solve this fault. If the 1 Slot Card Socket of your console set not working, that means it’s time to replace some part inside your console. A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its new packaging. This 1 Slot Card Socket Replacement Part Compatible with Nintendo DSi / XL Console can resolve issues like damage to reader games in your console or showing an error to display games from the card. After replacing this internal part of your gaming device you feel your device work like new again.

If your console has a malfunctioning with this issue. If you are noticing that your Card reader is not working or maybe they only work part of the time, it may be time for a replacement. Replace your broken or unworkable item with a new one, it is the time for this replacement. 100% Satisfaction and Guarantee. Fix the damaged Card Reader Replacement Part from your device with this replacement card slot. This item is used to replace the broken one that makes your device fail to read data of your games.


• Brand New Condition
• Made by best quality material
• 100% new and excellent quality
• Compatible with Nintendo DSi / XL Console

The One 1 Slot Card Socket Premium Quality Replacement Part Compatible with Nintendo DSi / XL Console can resolve issues like:

• Damaged slot 1 card socket
• Console stopped reading inserted game cards

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Brand Nintendo
Gaming ConsoleDSi XL, DSi
Part TypeMicro SD Card Reader


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