Nano To Micro/Normal Sim Card Adapter

Nano To Micro/Normal Sim Card Adapter
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• Cell Phone units have different types of sim trays with them, and it might seem impossible to use your sim card on a device that only has a slot for standard-sized sims. This sim card adapter allows you to convert your sim card from Nano to micro to standard depending on what kind of sim you need.

• This Sim card adapter set converts your Nano Sim Card to Micro SIM card or Nano Sim to Normal Sim card and a Micro SIM to Normal SIM card. Each Sim Card Adapter is machine carved with precise design to fit perfectly in your device.

• High-Quality Sim Card Adapter allows your Sim Card to suitable to all kinds of cell phones. This 3 in 1 Nano Sim Card Adapter (Nano To Micro Normal Sim Card Adapter Converter) is a perfect tool for public switching between devices or phones that require different types of Sim cards.

• If you use our Sim Card Adapter kit then Your Sim Card will match to all mobile devices. Nano sim smaller than Micro sim size only Nano sim adapter, allow the Nano sim restore Micro sim, Standard Sim.

Nano to Micro/Normal Sim Card Adapter Converter Compatible with Android, smartphone, Apple iPhone & Tablet

Specification & Features:

• Convert to Nano/Micro/Standard Sim card
• Easily eject the sim card with the steel sim eject pin.
• Easy to store and carry depend on plastic sleeve, Don't lose it.
• Build with high-quality materials with precision carved molds to fit perfect.

The Nano to Micro / Normal Sim Card Adapter compatible with smartphone / Apple iPhone / Android & Tablet can be resolve issues like:

• Broken SIM card adapter
• Phone not receiving signals
• Unable to access SIM card contacts

Customer Support:

In any case of issue, please contact us. We will do everything we can to give you a satisfying solution.

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