Iphone 4S Speaker Earpiece Replacement

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• If the Earphone Speaker of your cellphone is broken, then this is the solution to your problem. This Speaker module replacement will function just like your phone’s old component, enabling you to obtain the best sound quality from your phone’s speaker.
• Are you confused about why your cellphone Earphone Speaker starts producing poor quality sound or doesn’t produce any sound at all? Perhaps its Speaker is broken or torn. This Speaker replacement aims to correct that issue, restoring the new Speaker functionality of your phone.
• Is the Speaker of your cellphone not working properly anymore? Then replace it with a new one to make it work like brand new again. This replacement part is compatible with the Apple iPhone 4S has undergone a series of strict quality control upon its production.
• Replace your damaged or broken Earphone Speaker with this new Replacement Part. After replacing this part you feel your cellphone work like new again. A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its new packaging.
• Earphone speakers are a great feature for any mobile gadget because it allows you to listen to your calls clear. If the speaker of your mobile phone is broken or not functioning as it should, then get this replacement part to quickly get it fixed.

Premium Quality Earpiece Earphone Receiver Speaker Replacement compatible with Apple iPhone 4S

Checked before shipping and 100% working. Our earphone speaker has been checked and in good condition before dispatch. Simply pulls out the old speaker and put this replacement part and your work is done. Buy this replacement part with confidence! This speaker is specially designed for your cell phone. A great replacement part with Premium Material Quality for your cellphone. If your speaker not working, you need to replace this part well. Please check the item before you install it onto the phone, be very careful when handling it.

A dysfunctional earpiece speaker will cause poor or distorted sound quality which will ultimately prevent you from comfortably making your calls. You can replace a damaged speaker for your cellphone using this part. So if audio quality during voice calls has diminished, get this product and make repair a priority. After replacing this part of your cellphone you enjoyed many calls without any hearing problems.

Specification & Features:

• Compatible with Apple iPhone 4S
• Brand New - Not pulled from a used phone
• is a Registered brand, Buy with confidence
• 100% Brand New Durable and High-quality replacement part
• Best replacement for your cracked/damaged/faulted ear speaker
• A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its new packaging

The Premium Quality Earpiece Earphone Receiver Speaker Replacement compatible with Apple iPhone 4S

• Faulty Earpiece
• The damaged or broken Earpiece Speaker

Customer Support:

Any problem or question, please feel free to contact us for the first time, we will resolve for you as soon as possible. We are always here to serve you!

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Brand Apple
Phone ModeliPhone 4S
Part TypeEar Speaker


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