iPhone 4S Dock Connector Charge Port Flex Cable - White

IPHONE 4S DOCK CONNECTOR CHARGE FLEX CABLE If your phone can't be charged, it may be the problem of the Charging Port Connector, you can repair it with this great replacement.
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• It is the best replacement Charging Port Connector for your phone. It is used to replace your wrong, damaged, cracked, not recognized charging part.
• This charging port replacement resolves the issue and restores your phone charging functionality. This dock connector charging port flex cable is designed for your phone. Reliable and of high quality, this ensures that your phone will be recharged safely and properly.
• Get this charging port replacement part Compatible with Apple iPhone 4S is failing to sync, failing to charge, or demonstrating an unresponsive charging port. This small replacement part is made of high-quality materials that will ensure you get your charging port features back to its full capacity.
• One of the worst things that can happen to your phone is a charging problem. If that’s the case, that could mean that your phone charging port is damaged. This Charge Charging Port Replacement Part Compatible with the respective product. When you’re having problems on the charging port of your phone, this is the excellent replacement part.

Charging Port Dock Connector Flex Cable Replacement Part Compatible with Apple iPhone 4S

Specification & Features:

• Perfect fit
• Strong and reliable
• Brand New Condition
• Compatible with Apple iPhone 4S
• 100% High-Quality Charging Port Connector
• It is used to repair faulty, crack, broken Charging Port Connector
• Replace your broken or unworkable charging port with this new one

The Charging Port Dock Connector Flex Cable Replacement Part Compatible with Apple iPhone 4S can resolve issues like:

• Unresponsive charging port
• The charger cannot be detected
• Unable to charge your Cellphone
• Damaged or scratched charging port"

More Information
Compatible BrandApple
Compatible Phone ModeliPhone 4S
Part TypeCharging Port