iPhone 4 / 4S Sim Card Holder Tray - Silver

IPHONE 4 / 4S SIM CARD HOLDER TRAY This is a replacement sim card tray for the iPhone 4 AND 4S.
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• This SIM tray is a great replacement that will fix your phone’s broken SIM tray. It firmly holds your SIM in place, thus protecting it from damage. It also helps keep the data stored in your phone safe. Lastly, it is easy to remove and install. Compatible with Apple iPhone 4 / 4S.
• This replacement offers a quick solution if your phone has a broken SIM tray. This comes in silver color and is specifically compatible with the Apple iPhone 4 / 4S. If you’re tired of losing your SIM card trays from time to time, don’t suffer and this replacement now.
• Your SIM card Tray holder may seldom experience issues. However, in the event it does, your cellphone might be unable to detect your SIM card. If you experience such an issue, this SIM card tray slot holder replacement is what you need. When your phone SIM tray is damaged or broken, the best thing to do is to replace it.
• Easy replace your broken and damaged sim card tray with a new one. You can have the new SIM Card Tray Replacement when your SIM card is broken/damaged or anything. It is Compatible With Apple iPhone 4 / 4S model. Kindly make sure the model when you go to place the order. This is the best replacement for your cracked/damaged/faulted Sim card tray.
• It is used to replace your old, broken or unusable SIM card tray holder, this part had been manufactured from partially or completely all after-market components, it is a compatible part made to according to your specifications and designed to be alike for required replacement of your handset.

Sim Card Holder Tray Slot Replacement Part Compatible with Apple iPhone 4 / 4S - Silver

This SIM card tray which is Compatible with Apple iPhone 4 / 4S been lost or damaged? This SIM Card Tray Replacement is exactly what you need! The SIM card tray is a very important component that securely protects your SIM card and keeps it inside your phone. For that reason, you might consider purchasing this replacement SIM card tray for your phone to ensure your SIM card is properly protected. This SIM tray will help to insert the SIM card into the phone body and get good connectivity without too much effort.

To pop open your phone SIM tray, insert a paperclip or a SIM-eject tool into the hole beside the tray. We will not be responsible for any damages to your phone that you may cause during the changing of the replacement part. This replacement SIM card tray is designed to hold SIM cards and restore functionality to a broken or damaged sim card tray. The SIM card is an essential part of phone communication capability. Therefore, a working SIM tray holder is important. If it gets damaged you will need to replace it. This SIM tray holder replacement is what you need for that.

Specification & Features:

• Color: Silver
• Brand New
• Good quality
• Test one by one before shipping
• Perfect fit in your handled device
• Compatible with Apple iPhone 4 / 4S
• Best replacement Part for your phone
• Durable, Reliable and compact replacement part
• It is used to replace your scratched or missing sim card tray

The Sim Card Holder Tray Slot Replacement Part Compatible with Apple iPhone 4 / 4S - Silver can resolve issues like:

• Loose SIM card
• Bad signal reception
• Dirty, cracked, or damaged SIM card tray

More Information
Brand Apple
Phone ModeliPhone 4S, iPhone 4
Part TypeSim Tray


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