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    • This is a replacement White Front High-Quality Touch Screen Front Panel Glass Digitizer with IC Chip Connector

      Has your Device Touch Screen become cracked or stopped working? This Touch Screen Digitizer is designed to fix these problems.
      The greatest benefit of this part is the pre-attached IC chip Connector. By purchasing this digitizer with the IC chip Connector pre-attached this eliminates the need to remove your existing IC chip and solder it on to the flex cable of a new replacement screen.
      A shattered or unresponsive touch screen can be very frustrating

    Features & Specification:

    Color: White
    Function: Touch Panel
    Screen Type: Capacitive Screen
    Compatible With: Apple IPad Mini 1 & 2
    Replace your broken Touch Screen yourself.
    Fixes cracked, scratched or unresponsive touchscreens
    High strength optically clear glass lens and touch digitizer

    Customer Support:

    Any problem or question, please feel free to contact us, we will resolve for you as soon as possible. We are always here to serve you! Touch Screen Glass panel with digitizer for the iPad mini 1 & 2. This includes the IC chip Connector.     

    • Replace a broken front Digitizer Panel compatible with iPad 1 or 2. The front panel or display Touch with IC Chip Connector.     
    • Touch Screen Front Panel Glass Digitizer with IC Chip Connector can fix issues like a cracked glass digitizer, a non-responsive touchscreen. 
    • High Quality Replacement Touch Screen Digitizer. Each screen is tested before shipping. Precision cut for perfect fit.    
    • Complete Touch Digitizer Screen with IC Chip Connector. Before installing, please ensure that the rest of your iPad is intact.





    • SKU 24814
    • Compatible Brand Apple
    • iPads & Tablets iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 2
    • Part Type DIGITIZER
    • Condition New
    • Color White

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