What Are The Best Accessories For Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch was a gaming console designed way back in 2016. It is a multifunctional hybrid console because it can either be a home console or a portable device. As it is an eighth-grade video game console, it can compete with vastly popular gaming consoles such as Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4. The Nintendo Switch is available with a wide range of video game options. As tempting as it may sound, you can come up short in certain areas. That is because when it comes to the full experience of this console, the Nintendo Switch needs certain accessories that can utilize its potential to the fullest. The lucky part for you is that if you’re an inhabitant of Canada, Esource Parts has you covered with their array of Nintendo switch accessories.

Ergonomic Design Comfortable Gamepad Wireless Game Joystick Controller for Nintendo Switch

Finding yourself the right Nintendo Switch controller in Canada can be a difficult task. That is because there are seemingly endless options to choose from in the online market. This gamepad wireless joystick controller is undoubtedly one of the best options available. It has a direct input voltage of 5V that means that the controller is extremely efficient. There is also very little power loss in the form of heat. Hence, the controller doesn’t ever accumulate heat and maximizes performance when coupled with the Nintendo switch.

Moreover, it has a battery capacity of 400mah that basically means you can keep on gaming for lengthy periods. Its net weight is 219 grams, making it extremely lightweight and easily one of the best choices when you are planning to get a Nintendo Switch controller in Canada. You’ll be glad to know that this Ergonomic Design Comfortable Gamepad Wireless Game Joystick Controller is available in color choices such as black, blue, and red.

Ergonomic Design Gamepad Wireless Game Joystick Controller

Joycon Anti Slip Soft Case Silicone Rubber Skin Case Cover for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo switch is pre-equipped with two controllers for a decent gaming experience right out of the gate. One of the best Nintendo Switch accessories in Canada is this case cover. This third party Joycon Anti Slip Soft Case Silicone Rubber Skin Cover for Nintendo Switch can fit its controllers quite easily and is a great way to personalize your controllers. The best part is that you can change their look from time to time whenever you want, all according to your personal preferences.

The best part is this cover has a silicone component to it which makes a stylish casing for your controller that feels incredible to the touch. It should do a great job of keeping your console safe from any potential damage by drops. The drop’s damage is usually due to the collision with the surface, but it should easily be absorbed. It will also prevent scratches, dust, and grease from leaving their mark on the controller. You can wash the case, which ensures convenient cleanliness.

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Joycon Anti Slip Soft Case Silicone Rubber Skin Cover for Nintendo Switch

Joy-Con Racing Steering Wheel for Nintendo Switch

This Joy-Con steering wheel is the perfect accessory to partner up with racing games you may have been playing on your Nintendo Switch. This steering wheel helps you take your video game to the next level while guaranteeing a user-friendly experience. All you have to do is slip your Joy-Con driver into the steering wheel. It will leave you with a fully functional racing wheel, compatible with all the racing games on your Nintendo. All in all, it makes it one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories out there to purchase.

Joy con steering wheel

Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This shock-resistant Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass Screen Protector offers an edge to edge tempered glass. It has an oleophobic layer that prevents your screen from getting smudgy. The glass is shatterproof and can withstand high impact drops. Moreover, it has an extremely smooth surface that feels great to the touch and is easily one of the safest options for Nintendo switch accessories in Canada when it comes to taking necessary steps to protect your Nintendo’s screen.

Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Hard Protective Pouch Bag Waterproof Case Cover Accessory for Nintendo Switch Console

This case cover supports both the first and second versions of the Nintendo switch and has designated space provided to store game card cables. The best part is that it can also store up to 5 game cards.

This case cover has a premium design and perfectly fits the console – especially comes in handy when you’re traveling. The case ensures that there is no unwanted pressure on the console. Likewise, its waterproof feature helps prevent any accidental water spillage that could do a great deal of damage if it got to the console. This Hard Protective Pouch Bag Waterproof Case Cover Bag Accessory also has an all-around zipper that offers the maximum possible protection.

Hard protective pouch Bag Waterproof case cover for Nintendo Switch Console

Final Thoughts

Even though there are loads of available Nintendo Switch accessories, Esource Parts always strives to bring you the best of the best. It promises you quality products and their prompt delivery. If you live in Canada and you’re contemplating on where to get your Nintendo Switch accessories from, there is no reason to look any further.

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