What Accessories Do I Need for iPhone 12?

Since when iPhone 12 is launched, you must be thinking to upgrade your phone. But keeping in mind you have to maintain your phone and keep it safe. You should buy a phone case or a screen protector to guard against damages. Moreover, you must need some basic iPhone 12 accessories such as earphones or a charger to sufficiently enjoy the features of your new phone.

While there are numerous accessories that can upgrade your experience with iPhone 12. Esource is one of the leading websites that provide the best accessories for the iPhone 12 in the market. Here are some iPhone accessories you should definitely own if you have an iPhone 12.

1. Glass Screen Protector

As we say, safety comes first. So the first thing you should do right after buying your iPhone 12 is securing it with a screen protector. For this, a Tempered glass screen protector is best and perfect for iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 pro. This protector comes with a thin crystal clear film that protects your phone’s screen without irritating you a bit. Once you have a tempered protector attached to your phone, you can take it anywhere along with you without worrying about any damage. 

Unlike the other protectors, this one is super easy to place on your phone as is self-adhering and you don’t have to worry about any residues in case you want to remove it since there are no residues on your screen after you remove it. 

By using this screen protector, you will protect your iPhone from any kind of dust or scratch along with protecting your fingerprints. It has a fine cutout and is made of a durable material that ensures flawless screen visibility. 

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2. Silicone Shell Case Cover 

The second one on the list of iPhone 12 accessories is a crystal flower design silicone case cover, a perfect fit for your iPhone 12 or iPhone pro. If you want to protect your expensive without destroying its “look”, this one is for you as it has a shimmery and glowing appearance that adds colors to your phone.

This multicolor fitted shell cover has 3 in 1 design, a soft blended outer cover that is the transparent, glittery, and shiny middle, and a hard inner to protect your phone’s board. Every button of your phone is firmly wrapped so you can easily press it and the bottom area has a fine cutout allowing you to enjoy the clear sound from the speaker without any interruption. 

The edges of this case are 1 mm raised to protect your screen and camera lens from scratches and damage if you put them on any surface. Besides being made of excellent quality durable material, this case is so lightweight and gives you a super easy and comfortable grip. 

3. Universal Fast Wireless Charger

This unique wireless charging pad enables you to charge your phone conveniently and wirelessly without any trouble. This fast wireless charger is just palm-sized and super portable that it can easily fit into your bag if you want to travel anywhere. Apart from giving you a wireless charging facility, it protects your phone from various issues like an overflow of current to your device, over voltage or under voltage, and also protects your phone from extra heat damage. 

Foreign body detection is an additional function of this smart charger which means if any metal object other than a mobile phone is placed on this charger pad, the voltage supply will be cut off automatically to protect you from any kind of damage and to refrain from any fault in the charger. 

Another amazing feature of this charger that makes it a perfect pick for your iPhone 12 accessories is the maximum output range of 10W charges that charge your phone so quickly like iPhone 8 can be fully charged in 2 hours and iPhone X in 3.5 hours. 

This universal charger is compatible with all iPhones, Android phones, iWatch, Samsung, and AirPods. The smooth design and durability make it a favorite for everyone. 

wireless charging pad

4. Wireless Earbuds

The RedmiAirDots are much advanced than before with Bluetooth 5.0 chip technology that supports both Bluetooth 4.0 and 5.0 and they are even 2 times faster than the previous generation. So it’s time to update your iPhone accessories with these Xiaomiearbuds. 

Dealing with the wires of headphones and detangling them whenever you have to use them is a hectic task. Now you don’t have to worry about that as you can listen to your favorite music, play games, or make crystal clear phone calls anywhere without any interruption whether you are jogging, running, playing, or working out.  

These AirDots are dustproof and waterproof with a single ear or double ear wear. The voice control is controlled by multi-function buttons. The battery life of EarBuds is 4 hours and 12 hours of the case. 40 mAh battery of EarBuds and 300 mAh of the charging box is more than enough for your daily use.

5. Bluetooth EarPods Headphone

The last one is Bluetooth EarPod headphone that comes up with a wire and is only compatible with Apple devices so a perfect one to add to iPhone 12 accessories. This headphone has a headset with a remote and mic and is automatic gets on and connected to your device. They have an easy setup and charge fast in their case.

i18 wireless earbuds

Final Thoughts

The importance of phone accessories can never be neglected. Since not only does it helps keep your phone safe and secure. But also ensure that we use our cell phones to the maximum potential. While picking accessories for your phone depends from individual to individual. Esource has a variety of accessories you can choose from according to your preference.


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