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They are called smartphones, but have you ever wondered if they really are smart? Most of us use our smartphones to listen to music, upload photos on Instagram, browse through social media, make and share memes, or play games. You can do all of this and more through apps that are installed on your smartphone. But have you wondered what are the possibilities if you start adding external hardware and gadgets to your phone?

By adding the best gadgets accessories to your smartphone, you can do a variety of useful things. For example, you can unlock your house (with a wireless lock), locate your missing keys (with a Bluetooth tracker), keep track of your health, and much more.

There are countless gadgets for phones out there in the market that you can get for your smartphone. To help you in making a good choice, here are 7 electronic gadgets and accessories that will make you look at your cellphones differently.

1. Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Most newly manufactured cars include Bluetooth capabilities, but many cars from the old days still do not have that feature. If you want to take a step ahead and say goodbye to auxiliary cables, then a Bluetooth audio receiver is the right investment for you. You can plug Bluetooth receivers into the auxiliary port of your car and connect your smartphone via Bluetooth. This will enable you to listen to your favorite music and answer calls hands-free without having to deal with the mess of wires.

2. Wireless Speaker & Subwoofer

Bluetooth speakers enable you to listen to songs from your smartphone without using headsets or your mobile phone’s speakers. They amplify the sound making it louder than your phone’s speakers while making it convenient to listen to music when you are outdoors. If you’re out in the garden or the backyard while your phone is inside the house or the office, you can use your Wireless Speakers & Subwoofer to continue listening to music.

3. Knitting Touch Screen Gloves

Nobody wants to stay bare-handed when it is freezing cold. We want our hands to stay warm in gloves, but this can be difficult if you own a smartphone. In most cases, when we try to use our mobile phones with the gloves on, we fail and have to take off our gloves to answer a call or send a text message.

This is where knitting touch screen gloves can help you out. These tech-friendly gloves are one of the best gadgets accessories, especially during the winters. Since fabric causes hindrance between you and the touch screen, these knitting gloves are made of conductive technology that lets your body’s electricity to pass through, allowing you to use your smartphone.

Knitting Touch Screen Gloves

4. Game Controller

Whether you are playing PUBG on your smartphone or tablet, you can always enhance your experience by using a game controller. It is quite difficult to master the controls and reflexes when navigating through games with your fingers. However, with a game controller, playing games on your smartphone is no longer a frustrating or boring experience. Games such as Asphalt, PUBG, or BombSquad are much more fun when played using a controller.

With the use of this accessory, you will find yourself beating more of your competitors and crossing all levels much quicker. This is why a game controller is regarded as one of the best gadgets accessories for gamers who love to play while on-the-go.

Check here: Game Console Accessories

5. Mobile Thermal Printer

A mobile thermal printer lets you print documents, photos, labels, and more. This electronic gadget accessory is suitable for businesspersons and travelers who need to get a hard copy of their documents and photos. In situations when you forget to print out an important document for a business trip or wish to print photos of your holiday trip, you can easily connect a mobile thermal printer to your smartphone and print what you need.

With all the modern manufacturing, portable printers have become more versatile than ever, featuring wireless connectivity and other capabilities in a compact size. They have become one of the most convenient and portable accessories that you can take almost anywhere with you.

Mobile Thermal Printer

6. Selfie Lights

Smartphone cameras have come a long way in the last decade but the results can still be frustrating in low light. This is where portable selfie lights can come in quite handy. Whether you want to capture the moment with your friends at a dimly lit restaurant or want to take a selfie in the dark, this is the perfect gadget to own.

You do not have to carry a full Kino ring or a complete set of stand-alone redheads as this would beat the purpose of using your smartphone’s camera – you can just carry your camera around in that instead! But if you do want to use your mobile phone, the best solution is to carry portable smartphone lights with you that are now available. These LED lights are small, handy, and go easy on the battery life of your phone, too.

Selfie Lights

7. Miracast Airplay

Miracast Airplay functions like a wireless HDMI cable – it projects your smartphone’s screen toa screen with audio so you can present or watch movies on your TV or monitor. Once you connect and enable Miracast from the settings, everything on your phone’s screen including apps, videos, and the general interface will be duplicated on the bigger screen without needing a cable to connect two devices.

Miracast is natively supported on Android smartphones that run on Android version 4.2 or above. You can simply enable the wireless display option in your phone’s settings to pair your TV or screen with your smartphone.

Miracast Airplay


Our cell phones are one of the most useful gadgets that we own and we can do just about anything with them. But there is a way to make our smartphones even more practical: by using the right gadgets! We have put together a list of 7 best gadgets accessories that you can use to add more functionality to your mobile phones.

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