Things to Remember In Case Of Cell Phone Screen Repair Mississauga

Cell phone screen repair Mississuaga

Our lives revolve around smartphones, and that’s why we are so particular about them. Some use it to capture a lot of pictures, some use it for entertainment, and some run their business. Whatever the purpose is, there may be a case, if your phone falls down and you need to search for a cracked phone screen repair service center.

Esource Parts is one of the leading screen repair services in Canada. If your smartphone screen is broken and you need to send it for repair, Esource has experienced staff to assist you in this issue and get your phone fixed ASAP. Our services of cell phone screen repair in Mississauga are not only the best but affordable too.

 Remember, your devices are full of personal data, so whatever the situation happens, do not hand it over to the technician without taking proper precautionary measures. There are some important things which everyone should take care of before giving their smartphone for repairs.

Here, in this article, we have discussed a few essential steps you should take before handing over your phone to the service centers for cell phone screen replacement.

1. Create a Full Back Up

From your bank account details to photos, videos, documents, contacts, confidential emails, messages, etc., every data reside in your phones. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to have the full backup of this data to avoid the risk of losing it during the repair process.

Moreover, you can save photos with Google Photos, sync contacts to Google contacts, and you can also upload other data to Google Drive for better protection.

2. Remove Your SIM Card

Do not handover your SIM card to anyone. It may seem strange, but the wrong person may misuse it. So, before you handover, your phone to the technician, make this habit of removing the SIM card from your device.

Also, till you get it back after a repair, you can add the SIM to any other phone. This practice will keep your work going, and so you will not miss any important calls during that time. 

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3. Remove External Storage

If your phone has a memory card installed so you’ll need to remove that along with your SIM card. This is important because your SD card has a lot of personal data saved so to keep your privacy protected it is always recommended to remove it from your Smartphone.

4. Remove Security Locks

It’s true that we all have security locks on our phones so nobody can access them without permission. The lock can be a fingerprint authentication, PIN code, or pattern lock; whatever it is you need to disable it before handing it over to an expert for cracked phone screen repair. To remove the security locks go to the settings of your phone.

5. Note Down Your IMEI

It is advisable to note down your International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) before giving your device for repairs. This practice will avoid any risk of misplacing your Smartphone because IMEI is a unique number that every device has.

Therefore, in situations where your phone is handed over to the other user, who owns the same model and color and you mistakenly handed over his phone instead, then with your IMEI number, you can easily identify that the device is not yours.

6. Perform a Factory Reset

Factory resetting will remove all your data from the Smartphone. If you are very concerned about your confidential data, then resetting a device will protect all information from being misused. However, remember to back up everything before resetting your phone. Stay carefree!

Which Phone Screen Protectors To Invest In?

Cell phone screen replacement, want to do it yourself? We suggest you invest in high-quality tempered screen protectors to protect your Android and iPhone screens better.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 7 / 8 / SE 2 / SE (2020)

This Screen Protector is scratch-proof, cleverly designed to protect your Apple iPhone 7 / 8 / SE 2 / SE screen from breakage or scratches. Moreover, it features a thin crystal transparent film that saves your phone screen against dust particles and prevents fingerprints signs. In fact, its self-adhering surface will never leave any residue when you remove the protector.

Samsung Galaxy A5 A520 2017 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Cover

Here comes another glass screen protector which is easy to install, shock resistant, 100% Touch Preservation, comes in an Oleophobic layer (antibacterial + anti-fingerprint) for better protection, and has a lot to offer to its users.

Final Thoughts

Esource Parts offers cracked phone screen repair services on both Android and iPhones. Also, we have a wide variety of screen covers and other phone parts, including cell phone batteries, phone cases, etc. However, if you’re specifically looking for the best cell phone screen repair in Mississauga, contact us now.

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