The 3 Most Important iWatch Accessories

iwatch accessories

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the first-ever wristwatch was made in 1868.

Since then, wristwatches have come a long way. More specifically, now we have the iWatch: a digital watch that does far more than simply tell the time.

As far as we’ve come in terms of the features of a watch, the fragility of these devices hasn’t exactly kept up. But the right iWatch accessories can keep these expensive devices safe and sound from wear and tear as well as personalize them to your style.

Ready to buy an iWatch and not sure what accessories you need? In this quick guide, we’ll tell you why iWatch’s are worth the investment and describe the 3 most important iWatch accessories to get the most out of that investment.

Why Buy an iWatch?

If you already have an iPhone and a laptop, you might be wondering if you really need an iWatch. Of course, many of the things you can do on an iWatch can be done on your phone. But it won’t be as seamless or convenient.

Everything from the customizable watch face to health and fitness tracking makes the iWatch more efficient and effective than using your phone. Below, we break down the particular features of an iWatch that we think to make it worth the purchase.

More Than a Regular Watch Face

Watches kind of went out of the door with the advent of the smartphone. Our phones always had the time, so we didn’t need to rely on having a watch. And while the iWatch does indeed tell you the time, the face of the watch is really so much more than that.

The face of an iWatch is completely customizable. You can enable features for weather, sunrise, and sunset, as well as world clocks. You can program it to remind you about appointments, phases of the moon, and even stock quotes. It’s even capable of sending notifications to your wrist.

Convenient Communication

The iWatch can supplement your iPhone in terms of messaging and phone calls. You can receive and read messages from your watch, negating the need to dig out your phone to message someone back. In fact, you can answer calls from your iWatch, which is great for quick conversations.

Payment Made Easy

We’re all getting more and more accustomed to paying by tap technology. Our credit and debit cards all have this option and Apple Pay has moved tap payments onto our phones. But the iWatch is also equipped with Apple Pay, which means instead of having to locate your wallet or phone, you can simply hold your wrist close to the terminal to pay.

Complete Control Over Your Tech

Your Apple Watch easily controls Apple TV. But using Siri and HomeKit integration, you can also control everything from your blinds and lights to your thermometer and fans right from your iWatch.

The iWatch is also great for syncing with the camera on your iPhone. Using the Camera Remote Control app on your iWatch. You can preview and shoot photos from weird angles and without having to use a timer.

Health & Wellness Companion

Perhaps the biggest draw of an iWatch is its use as a health and wellness companion. The latest Series 6 has a GPS, an upgraded heart-rate monitor, and even an electrocardiograph (ECG) that reads your heart’s electrical signals in real-time built right into the watch.

The iWatch records basics like steps and stairs climbed with precision and accuracy. But it can also be used to record stats about your walks and runs and even while you swim. With the addition of the Activity Sharing feature, you can share all your milestones with friends that share your passion for fitness.

The 3 Most Important iWatch Accessories

Ready to purchase an iWatch? If you buy the latest Series 6, all that you’ll get in the box is the watch, a charging cable, and one strap.

What if you want to change your straps according to your outfit? How do you keep your screen protected? And what happens when you lose a charging cable or need other options?

For all of that, you need to have a look through the 3 most important iWatch accessories.

1. iWatch Bands and Straps

If you want to personalize your watch according to what you’re wearing or what activity you’re doing, you’ll need extra iWatch bands and straps. You can choose from official Apple iWatch straps or purchase from a third-party manufacturer. Which are typically less expensive and just as well made.

But what kind of iWatch straps are there? The options range from sporty to functional to fancy.

iWatch bands for sports are typically made from silicone or woven nylon. They’re soft and flexible, have vents that allow your wrist to sweat while you exercise, come in various colors, and are comfortable for extended wear. But the sporty iWatch bands are a little too casual for the office or for a night out. 

Braided nylon iWatch bands are a great option for a casual office or for everyday use. They’re durable and comfortable and in come in a variety of colors. The official braided solo loop is also made from recycled materials.

For fancier options, look for leather bands or stainless steel options. These make your iWatch look like a traditional watch and are made to match anything from dresses to tuxedos.

Keep in mind, too, that different iWatch bands have different types of closures. You can choose from pin-and-tuck systems, hook and eye systems, double clasps, butterfly styles, and even magnetic clips.

Rose Gold Stainless Steel Band

This rose gold stainless steel band is a great example of how you can make an iWatch look elegant. It’s more than office-appropriate, it’s also waterproof and sweat resistant. The double button folding clasp makes adjustments easy and secure and replacement can be done in a pinch with the built-in adapter on the strap itself. If rose gold isn’t your color, check out the gold, black, or silver options as well.

Black Silicone Sports Band

If you use your iWatch for sports and outdoor activities, then a silicone iWatch band is a must. These bands are not only affordable, they’re also made with premium quality soft silicone and hypoallergenic stainless steel parts so they’re durable, water and sweat-resistant, and easy to clean. Lightweight and comfortable during even the most intense exercise, they’re available in two convenient sizes and many different colors, including blue, orange, and pink.

2. iWatch Case Cover and Screen Protectors

The iWatch is like a little computer on your wrist. There are tons of bells and whistles tucked into that little package, and those bells and whistles are integral to the functioning of your iWatch. All that is to say that this sensitive technology needs to be protected to extend the life of your investment.

The iWatch is prone to scratches, scuffs, and dents. That’s especially true if you have an active job or you use your iWatch for sports and being outdoors. But even just dressing yourself causes friction that can damage the screen of the watch over time.

To protect both the screen and the technology housed inside this tiny device. You need a screen protector and a case cover. Screen protectors protect the face of the watch from scratches and cracks while case covers to protect the sides and the body of the watch.

Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

For Series 1, 2, or 3 in 42 mm, this tempered screen protector is an economical choice to protect the screen of your iWatch. It greatly reduces the risk of scratches, dust, and dents on your screen. But also eliminates glare and prevents fingerprints from sticking to your screen. It’s available for the Series 1, 2, or 3 38 mm version, as well as the 40mm version and 44mm version of the Series 4, 5, 6.

Rubber Sports Strap + Protective Case

For heavy-duty protection of your 42mm or 44mm iWatch, this 2-in-1 strap and protective case has anti-knock technology and is also waterproof and dirt and dust resistant. It’s ideal for the gym, outdoor activities, and anywhere you’re going to put your iWatch at risk of dents, debris, and scratches. Find it in a variety of different colors as well as in 38mm or 40mm.

Bumper Hard Cover Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This hard-shell case cover protects the screen and the sides of the iWatch face to ensure you don’t experience scratches, cracks, or any damage to internal technology. This is one of the best iWatch accessories in terms of lightweight protection that covers both the internal and external components of the iWatch. It’s available for series 1 through 6 and in 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, and 44mm.

3. Cable/Chargers/Adapters

The iWatch is fueled by lithium-ion batteries in the same way as the iPhone. These rechargeable batteries should last as many as 18 hours on a full, overnight charge.

But in a bid to reduce their impact on the environment, Apple didn’t include a power adapter with the sale of the latest iWatch Series 6. The most expensive 6 Series models do come with a 5-watt charger. But if you’re not purchasing the most expensive option or you have an older iWatch and need a charger, you’ll need some options for keeping your iWatch full of juice.

2 in 1 Charging Stand Dock Station

Your iWatch came with a USB charging cable that can be plugged into any wall adapter you have laying around. But for a little more convenience, why not try this charging dock? You can charge your iWatch, SE AirPods, or iPhone X, XS, 11, or 12 Pro Max at the same time. Its anti-slip, anti-scratch technology keeps your Apple products safe and charged at the same time.

iWatch Accessories at Esource

The most important iWatch accessories come in three categories. First are iWatch bands and straps that allow you to personalize your device and change up the style according to the activity you’re doing. Second are protective accessories, such as iWatch screen protectors and covers, that keep your screen and internal technology safe from damage. Last but not least is charging equipment, which is especially important if you purchase the latest iWatch series.

For more options for all of the above, check out our smartwatch accessories page. You’ll find all of our color, size, and style options there.

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