New Year Gift Ideas 2021- Under 30$

new year gift ideas

Are you thinking about the best gift idea for a New Year? You might be! After all we all want to see our friends and family happy, so there’s nothing better than gifting them presents and greeting cards at the end of the year. But, the question arises what to gift? Well, that is a tricky question. According to us, sending a unique and meaningful New Year gift will bring joy to your loved ones and make their 2021 even more memorable.

In this article, Esource Parts have got you covered with the best mobile accessories and other high-tech items under 30$ that you would love to gift as a token of love. Let’s get started.

5 Best New Year Gift Ideas

1. Universal Mobile Smartphone Cooler Semiconductor Cooling Fan Heat Sink Holder for Android/iOS – Black

Expressing your love for loved ones is much easier if you have a Universal Mobile Smartphone Cooler Semiconductor Cooling Fan by your side. Made from durable materials, this item is specially designed (incorporates semiconductor refrigeration technology) to cool smartphone when gaming for continuous long hours.  It helps extend battery life by keeping the phone cool, thus taking care of this expensive device.

No software is required to run this cooling fan, just plug and play without charge. This could be a perfect gift for kids who love playing games throughout the day and need some easy to use rapid smartphone cooler. Moreover, it has universal compatibility and can also be used as a phone stand holder for Android and iOS phones – doesn’t block the screen and ensures a tight grip.

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2. Magic Earphone Hat Wireless Bluetooth Music Headband Music Sports Phone Call Answer Headwear

Gone are the days when people search for flower bouquets and chocolates wrapped so beautifully to gift their better halves. This year try to be different by presenting her with a premium quality Magic Earphone Bluetooth Headband that will ease her ability to listen to her favorite music without the need to wear additional headphones. It needs just 1-2 hours of charging, and she can enjoy the talk time/music playback time for a maximum of 10 hours.

The ultra-thin flat headphone speakers block out ambient noise cancellation and are super comfortable to wear for long hours, even for side sleep, travel, running, and workout – yoga/meditation. Encourage your wife to push herself hard during workout sessions and jogging without worrying about excessive sweat because this headwear is made of breathable material that quickly dries out sweat. Moreover, its universal device compatibility makes its users number one choice (supports all Bluetooth version 4.0/5.0 phones and tabs). 

3. Desk Set Vacuum Cleaner Wireless Auto Mini Portable Dust Sweeper For School/Classroom/Home/Office Desk

Is your wife tired of sweeping your messy table all day? If yes, gift her new tech ABS material Desk Vacuum Cleaner Mini Portable Dust Sweeper that comes with wireless technology, capable of strong suction of dust. Its one-touch switch, spiral fan, and nylon brush take away all dust from the desk––the spiral wind blade rises 360 degrees­­–– protecting the table. 

2 AA* batteries need to be installed and this easy to operate vacuum cleaners are perfect for school/classroom/home/office desk.  

4. Bluetooth Smart WristWatch U8 U Watch for Android Smart Phones

This New Year expresses love for your best friend by gifting him/her a super light Bluetooth Smart WristWatch U8 U, which also works as a backup for Android Smart Phone.

This means they can enjoy remote taking photo functions, track activities, enjoy music to relax, and set an afternoon sleep reminder. Moreover, they will get weather information, upcoming appointment information, or some other key piece of information whenever they look at their wrist. In short, they can do everything by adding this smartwatch into their life.

Never worry about this smartwatch to go out of battery as it can be used 2-3 days easily after a full charge.  

5. Luggage Scale 50kg x 50g Mini Portable Electronic Weight Hanging Hook Digital Scale

There’s no better gift for traveling lovers than this Mini Portable Electronic Luggage Scale that will not only save his/her time at the airport but their money too. Its thick high precision aluminum sensor gives accurate results same as another luggage scale and is super easy to carry. The hook is strong enough to support luggage handles, so don’t worry about its small size.

Final Thoughts

While your loved ones enter into New Year 2021, help them illuminate their 2020 memories and cherish them forever with the New Year gift ideas mentioned above. However, the list isn’t exhaustive, and there are plenty of options to choose from- under 30$.

We would like to say that an expensive gift isn’t always the best, look for those pricy and unique features that you can get even at affordable prices. Esource Parts have plenty of New Year gift options (less than $30) to choose from. Get your hands on the right one!

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