How to Fix a Cracked Phone Screen in 8 Steps

fix cracked phone screen

Did you know that the average person picks up their phone 58 times per day?

That’s a lot of opportunity to drop a device you likely spent close to $1,000 on. If you’re lucky, or you’ve invested in serious phone protection, your phone will be in tact after a drop. But there’s always a chance of damage when our phones fall from our grasp.

When that happens, you need to know how to fix a cracked phone screen. It’s not as simple as replacing a battery on your television converter, so we’re simplifying the process into 8 steps that will have you back up and running before you know it. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Assess the Damage

The first thing you need to do is figure out exactly how much damage has been done. Get your phone onto a solid surface with good lighting.

Do some stress testing and careful prodding to determine the severity of the damage. From light scratches to spiderweb cracks and missing chunks of glass, you need to figure out if this is just a cosmetic issue or if the screen is likely to fall off altogether.

If the fall only caused superficial damage, you can likely continue to use the screen and the phone as is. But remember that those cracks make the entire screen more vulnerable to damage, so it’s a good idea to think about repairing it.

2. Back Up Your Data

You can consider your phone severely damaged if it has spiderweb cracks, large cracks, chunks of glass missing, or rainbow colors where you should be able to see screen. In all of these cases, if you can still use the screen, you need to back up your data quickly. There’s no telling how long you have before the phone dies altogether and that means you could lose photos, videos, and other files that aren’t stored elsewhere.

3. Keep the Phone Useful (For Now)

If you’re dealing with mostly a cosmetic issue, you may choose not to replace the screen right away. However, using a screen with chips or cracks can be unsafe.

Remember that our phone screens are made with glass, which becomes sharp when it breaks. Especially so when you’re moving your fingers up, down, and across potentially loose shards. To keep the phone useful and safe to use, you’ll need a screen protector until you can get it fixed.

4. Know Your Warranty

If you’re with Apple or Samsung, you may have purchased Apple Care+ or Samsung Care+ with your device. These add-on warranties provide accidental damage coverage if you break your phone. Other manufactures offer similar warranties, which almost always carry an additional cost and don’t apply for longer than 1 or 2 years.

Be sure you know whether or not a cracked screen or similar damage falls under this warranty before fixing it yourself. Cracked or broken screens are likely covered as long as your warranty is still valid, and that will save you time and energy learning how to fix a broken phone screen(not to mention the money you’ve already invested on the warranty). Besides that, you might void the entire warranty if you try to make the repair yourself.

5. Figure Out What Screen You Need

The iPhone has 12 generations and 29 different phones. In terms of androids, there’s no end to the brands, generations, and models out there. Knowing exactly what phone you have is a key component of how to fix a cracked phone screen.

Whether or not you decide to fix the phone yourself or bring it into a repair shop, you’ll need to know what kind of phone you have in order to: a) order the right screen and, b) find out if the repair shop can repair your specific phone.

So, after you’ve assessed the damage, backed up your data, and looked into your warranty, determine what brand, generation, and model of phone you have in order to get the right screen for your replacement.

6. The Right Tools

If you’re fixing the screen yourself, you’ll need the right tools. Chances are these aren’t tools you have laying around the house unless you’re regularly repairing modern solid-state electronics.

You’ll need:

  • a prying tool to open the phone
  • mini tweezers for small cables
  • a precision screwdriver kit
  • heat gun for softening glued parts
  • canned air
  • work gloves

You should also invest in a static wristband and an anti-static mat. This protects the device – and you – from any electric shocks that may occur while disassembling and reassembling the device. Removing the battery is no guarantee that shocks won’t occur.

7. Basic Steps for How To Fix a Cracked Phone Screen

Older smartphones had a digitizer and an LCD screen, which were separate items. In many cases, it was the digitizer that suffered the damage and not the LCD, which meant you only had to purchase one part for your repair. If you have an older phone, it’s worth looking into whether your digitizer and display are separate and finding out which is broken before ordering.

With that said, the digitizer and display are one piece in the latest smartphones. Meaning that when you purchase your LCD screen, the digitizer is a part of it.

If you have a newer smartphone, then, you’ll have to separate the LCD from the rear case using your phone opening tool. This might require the use of the heat gun.

Now, disconnect the various cable and screws connecting the LCD to the rest of the phone. Once your screen is free, install the new screen and reattach those wires and screws. You can then close up your phone and check to see if the screen works.

8. Consider Calling a Professional

You may have fixed many an electronic item in your day, but phones require precision and know-how. Unless you know how to fix a broken phone screen and you’ve done it before, you run the risk of damaging your device and voiding any warranties or even insurance claims.

If you want to avoid making mistakes and rendering your phone more useless than it already is, consider calling a professional. Trusted repair shops have technicians that know how to fix a cracked phone screen with their eyes closed. They have the tools and expertise required to do full scale surgery on your phone, and they’ll likely carry the parts you need in stock, as well.

Cracked Phone Screen? Visit E-Source Cell Phone Repair Mississauga

Knowing how to fix a cracked phone screen involves a little more than just purchasing a screen and making the swap. Before even thinking about the repair, you’ll need to assess the damage, back up your data, and figure out what phone you have and whether it’s covered under warranty. From there, you’ll have to decide whether to attempt to fix your phone yourself or bring it to someone who is better equipped to get you back up and running.

We highly recommend not attempting to fix a broken screen if you don’t have the know-how. Instead, give our expert technicians a shot. We offer same-day cell phone repair in Mississauga and we carry screens for hundreds of different phones in stock.

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