How to Choose Best Quality LG Phone Parts

how to choose the best quality LG phone parts

LG has been one of the leading brands in electronics for more than 70 years and has dominated the market with innovative ideas and new technologies in smartphones and TVs. But like any other tech, smartphones tend to wear out and need replacement or repair after some time. At Esource Parts, you’ll get genuine LG parts for your phone along with accessories at an economical price.

Esource is an online store in Canada that serves its customers with quality products and is the best source to buy LG parts in Canada. In this article, we have rounded up LG parts that can be bought at an affordable rate, so let’s begin.

Top 5 LG Parts You Can Buy

Replacement LCD Display Touch Screen

You are in the right place for a mobile phone LCD screen. One of the most sensitive parts of a phone can be a Display touch screen. People use protectors, front covers, and even glass coating to protect the LCD. However, in most cases, the LCD gets cracked due to the phone falling on the floor, or even a little weight can make patterns on your screen.

Exactly why at Esource you can find LCD Display Touch Screen replacement for a majority of LG smartphones. The parts are genuine and of top-notch quality. The screens are responsive and are made up of strong glass to give additional strength in case of a fall. The screen part is pre-installed, but it is recommended to consult a professional when installing the screen.

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Replacement Battery

One of the main issues that come with smartphones is the battery problem. Excessive temperature or power fluctuations cause permanent battery faults and results in a reduction of battery life. For users who have smartphones with replaceable batteries, we must say ‘replacement batteries is a life saver’.

 You can find LG phone batteries in Canada at Esource. Not only are these batteries original but also checked by our experts who ensure the batteries have premium quality.

Replacement Front/Rear Camera

Cameras are the main element that attracts many customers and can be the main factor when buying a smartphone. However, the phone’s camera quality gets degraded as new android versions and other software updates are released. This is common in almost all smartphones, including LG smartphones. 

People tend to search for solutions to this problem, but the ultimate solution is to replace your front/ rear camera to restore your camera’s quality. We understand this and ensure our customers get the best camera with high-end quality. The camera is tested and simulation is done to ensure that they pass the quality test before the options are available to our customers. You can find replacement cameras for most LG smartphones at Esource.

Replacement Charging Port

Among the long list of LG parts we carry, you’ll find parts replacement parts that are rarely available in the market at Esource. A charging port for LG smartphone is one of those LG parts in Canada that can be really hard to find in local stores. However, at Esource we make sure that there is a good chance that you will find every replacement part you need.

You’ll find charging ports for LG G’s, V’s, K’s, Optimus, and ThinQ available at an affordable price. The part is 100% original and is tested via different simulation techniques.

LG SIM Card Connector Replacement Part 

The primary use of a phone is to connect users separated by distance via calls or messages. This is achieved by a SIM. However, often SIM card connectors can be damaged due to software error or physical accident. This results in users unable to call or message. Exactly why the SIM card connector is one of the most important parts that are available at Esource.

You can find a variety of LG SIM card connectors for your smartphone that would solve your SIM problem as well as help you connect with your loved ones.

Final Words

In this blog post, we have listed down the 5 main parts you can find at Esource Parts. However, that does not mean you can’t find any other part you have been looking for. Our brand offers replacement parts ranged from volume buttons to LG phone batteries in Canada.

With so many options comes the possibility that you might end up buying the wrong part. We understand it can be overwhelming and exactly why we offer 10 days exchange warranty to our customers. This means you can exchange any part you bought within 10 days with no extra charges. Moreover, we offer to cover defective parts within 10 months. Each part is tested for quality control, and we deliver only the best to our customers. 

Our list is extensive and offers great deals – Check out our website for more replacement parts at an affordable price. With over 400 LG phones available, Esource has all you might need with all possible iterations.

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