How Smartphone Accessories Improve User Experience

Smartphone accessories have become almost as important as smartphones themselves in everyday life. Screen protectors, fast chargers, earphones,and protective cases are just some of the essential accessories that we need for our smartphones nowadays.

The key reason behind this growing popularity of cell phone accessories is because they enhance user experience. These accessories are enablers for our phones that unlock their true potential.

For example, if you own a phone with poor battery life then you can purchase a battery case cover that charges your phone on-the-go without the hassle of wires or an external charger. Talk about convenience!

Want to know how you can better utilize your smartphone by purchasing the right cell phone accessories? Keep on reading.

1. Charging Case Covers: Second Battery

How many times has your smartphone’s battery died on you when you needed it the most? It could be because you forgot to plug in your smartphone in the previous night or simply because your smartphone has a poor battery backup. No matter what the scenario, a battery charging case can be a lifesaver in such situations.

A charging case cover has a built-in battery inside of the case that you can use to charge your smartphone while you are on-the-go. It offers both protection against drops and the convenience of having a portable charger plugged into your smartphone at all times. Unlike an external power bank though, you don’t need to carry anything extra with you to use it. Just put on the case and you are good to go.

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charging case cover
Charging case cover

2. Wireless Accessories: Untangle Your Life

Wireless chargers have been around for some time now with Samsung launching the feature back in the Samsung Galaxy S6. However, over time everything else has gone wireless, too. Take earphones for instance, with the 3.5mm as good as dead now, wireless earphones have become one of the most in-demand mobile electronics accessories.

Wireless accessories such as wireless earbuds and wireless chargers take away all the hassle of untangling wires from your life. It might not seem insignificant but we all know the frustration of undoing the knots that earphones magically get themselves into. These are quite portable too since there is always one less wire to carry and care for.

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3. Power Banks: Travel Companion

Even the best smartphones out there cannot get you through more than a day of continuous use without running out of juice. If you travel often, then you know that this is simply not enough. The best solution for this is to purchase a portable power bank.

A power bank is a high-capacity external battery that can give you enough power for at least 1 full charge and up to as much as 5 full charges for your smartphone. It is different from a charging case cover because it has a much higher capacity and it does not need to be connected to your smartphone at all times – some power banks even come with fast charging support, which is a plus.


Over the last decade, smartphone accessories have come a long way. In the early 2010s, the most you could buy for your phone was case covers and perhaps a good pair of earphones. Now, cell phone accessories go hand-in-hand with smartphones and allow you to maximize the potential of your device.

Charging case covers, wireless accessories such as wireless earbuds, and power banks are just three examples of accessories that improve user experience. If you are looking for the best deals on cell phone accessories in Canada then visit Esource Parts to find the perfect accessories for your mobile phone.

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