Guide To Choosing The Right Phone Case

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For most people, protecting their smartphone with a protective phone case is a no-brainer. Other people prefer choosing skins and thin cases since they keep the look and feel of the smartphone intact. Each choice has its arguments but we are not here to pick sides.

Instead, we are here to look at how you can choose the perfect mobile phone case for your smartphone so that you can get the right balance between protection, design, and functionality. There is no mobile phone case that can protect your phone against all damages, not one that most people would want to carry at least. At the same time, no phone case can give you the same look and feel as your thousand-dollar smartphone.

So, which is the best phone case cover for your smartphone? Read on to learn more about how to choose the ideal phone case.

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Protection Comes First

One of the most common problems that smartphone technicians come across is shattered screens. Every time you drop your phone, there is a risk of a shattered screen, especially if you do not have a protective case on it. The impact is even greater if your phone falls on one of its edges at an awkward angle rather than face or back first.

So, what type of phone case covers are most suitable for protecting your phone? Here is a breakdown:

  • For a basic level of protection, you should choose a mobile case with a shock-absorbing material such as silicone or rubber. Bumper cases, Transparent cases, and TPU cases are all types of cases that can absorb shock and limit the impact on your smartphone.
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  • For protection against scratches, you can choose a thin fit case or carbon skin. These phone case covers to protect your smartphone’s back and sides against scratches and damage from keys and dust particles but absorbs little to no damage during drops and falls. So, use these only if you want to protect your smartphone’s paint and body.
  • For maximum protection, a rugged bulky shell is recommended. Even though these are bulky mobile phone covers, they are much better at absorbing shock and preventing damage than all other types of protectors. Typically, these are made of rubber or polycarbonates and come with features such as military-grade protection against water, dust, and shocks. In essence, this type of mobile phone case is like armor for your smartphone and are best suited for individuals who use their phone in extreme conditions.

The exact choice that you make depends on how and more importantly, where you use your smartphone the most. For the average user, even a slim bummer case might do the job against minor drops and bumps but for hikers and factory workers, a heavy-duty phone case cover might be the most suitable.

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How Important Are Looks?

Once you know the level of protection you need for your smartphone, the next step is to figure out how much you can compromise on the looks. Some phone case covers can make your device look bulkier and less attractive whereas others can enhance its looks by adding vibrant colors and graphics.

If the looks are a priority for you then it is recommended that you consider transparent cases, carbon skins, or thin fit covers. There are three primary benefits of choosing one of these types of mobile phone covers for your smartphone:

  1. You can try out new colors, textures, and graphics on your smartphone. For instance, if you own a Jet Black Apple iPhone, you can apply a gray or dark blue skin to see how your phone sports the new look.
  2. They protect your smartphone against dirt, grease, and dust particles to prevent a build-up of these on your phone. To some extent, they can also absorb shocks to protect your phone’s screen against damage.
  3. For newer smartphones with glass backs, gripping the phone is a persistent issue that can increase the risk of accidental drops. These plastic and carbon fiber skins provide a much better grip to help you avoid damage in the first place.

Features and Functions: Consider What You Need

In the last decade, smartphones have evolved a great deal but so have mobile phone accessories. At a time when we have water-resistant and curved phones, we also have water-resistant mobile cases with military-grade protection. So, you can always pick and choose from a variety of features that come bundled with mobile phone covers. But this greatly depends on your specific requirements so we will explain this with a few examples.

For the average user, water damage is less likely than screen damage. But for swimmers and travelers (particularly those that travel to tropical areas often), it is far more common. If that is the case for you then you should purchase a phone case cover that offers water resistance. Often, these covers come with rubber plugs for your charging port to protect water from getting inside your smartphone. These cases are also recommended if your smartphone itself does not have an IP rating.

Similarly, if you find that you are always low on battery on your smartphone then you can consider purchasing a battery pack cover. This type of case has an integrated battery that can charge your phone while protecting it simultaneously.

Note that you can find these specialized, feature-driven smartphone cases in a variety of materials and sizes. Therefore, you can choose the right balance between protection, looks, and features by picking the one that suits your requirements the best.

The Takeaway

There is no sure way of making your phone a 100 percent foolproof. To avoid having to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs, it is best to take preemptive action to protect your phone. But with thousands of mobile phone covers out there, which one should you choose? Well, it is all about assessing your requirements and choosing what to prioritize between: protection, design, and functionality.

You can browse an extensive range of mobile phone cases at Esource Parts to pick one that perfectly matches your needs and wants.

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